Meet Our People: Jenn

Jenn is our Bookkeeper at Hatchett Design Remodel. As a spouse of an active duty solider in the US Army, Jenn, her husband and their three boys are currently stationed at Ft. Eustis. She is a native of Florida, but they have decided to make Hampton Roads their forever home. After years of moving around the globe, Jenn’s life experiences and her interests are wide and eclectic. Her interests include – but are not limited to – musical theater, roller derby and volunteering.

Jenn and Husband Military Ball

Being an active volunteer and serving on the boards of various organizations has helped Jenn and her family quickly adapt to whatever community they found themselves in. She looks forward to growing some roots here in Hampton Roads, and we are certainly hope she stays at Hatchett for a very long time.

Jenn Bookkeeper

If you haven’t yet had a chance to meet Jenn, here are her answers to a few questions that will help you get to know her better.
How did you become a part of the Hatchett team?
I started in the construction industry when I was 19 years old as a receptionist and copy girl. I learned every part of the business office that I could, from permitting to blueprint reading and take-offs. I worked my way up to Payroll Specialist and Bookkeeper before the Army took me overseas, and I switched to tax accounting. After (finally!) receiving my degree in Accounting at age 40 and moving back stateside, I continued tax accounting at 2 other duty stations – but I was never happy. Once we moved here to VA and decided to settle here permanently, I started looking for a position that would bring me back to the industry that I fell in love with so long ago.
What is your favorite thing about working at Hatchett?
The people and the process. I know that is technically two, but I cannot just pick one. They go hand in hand. Without the type of people here, the process would not work – no egos and no drama. Just everyday, hardworking people dedicated to doing the best they can for each and every client (whether it is a signed client or tracking down a referral to give someone, because what they need is out of our scope). That is the type of ethical, honest, and above-board culture I want to work for, and I am lucky enough to be a part of that value system here at Hatchett Design Remodel.
Jenn Roller Derby
What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Everything! I am so new to the Hampton Roads community that nothing is off limits! Music concerts, festivals, local hikes, poking into new restaurants, discovering new places to shop, sporting events, just about anything goes! This area is so rich in things to do that I am discovering new places and things to do all the time (even during a pandemic!). I am an active volunteer and currently serve on the board of my local community pool, as well as a foster mommy for litters of kittens with The Heritage Humane Society in Williamsburg. I have also recently been accepted in the Newport News Master Gardener’s program that will start in the fall and am excited to start that as my spouse will be heading to Korea for his last deployment before retiring!
Jenn Volunteer Kitten Foster
That’s Jenn! Please help us welcome her to Hatchett Design Remodel when you get a chance to meet her in person. And when you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or addition, our entire team is here to help. Feel free to call or visit our showrooms in Newport News or Virginia Beach. Remember… “it costs nothing to ask!”

Meet Our People: Suzy

After over 20 years of climbing the corporate ladder in global organizations, Suzy has joined our team here at Hatchett Design Remodel. She traveled all over the world in her previous career, and now she’s happy to stay home and raise her adorable (and silly) little girl. There are great personal rewards to cultivating a home, and Suzy looks forward to helping her clients improve theirs by remodeling their kitchens, bathrooms and additions.

Suzy with her husband and little girl

As a military kid, Suzy is no stranger to moving around frequently. She is grateful for all the experiences and lessons her travels taught her over the years, but she is excited to start growing some roots here in Hampton Roads. She added, “I’m ready for a change and to do something with a more personal touch.”

She has a marketing degree from Auburn University – War Eagle! After graduating, she lived in Atlanta for several years before moving to Hampton Roads in 2011.


We are thrilled that she found her way to Hatchett Design Remodel, and we are certain our clients will enjoy working with her as much as we do. If you haven’t yet had a chance to meet Suzy, we asked her a few questions to help break the ice.

How did you become a part of the Hatchett team?

I have some dear friends in common with the Hatchetts who helped make the connection.

What is your favorite thing about working at Hatchett?

The personal aspect of remodeling, talking to clients and figuring out ways to improve their lives for many years is very appealing to me. I love Hatchett because of their outstanding reputation for top notch quality, family environment, and the way the entire team treats clients.

Suzy Loves to Cook

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I enjoy spending time with my 4 year old daughter, husband and chocolate lab, especially when that time is spent on our boat. My favorite thing to do in the world is to cook a humongous meal for a kitchen full of people, and I have cooked for my entire church many times. As an Elder in my church, I love attending Bible study. I also love all types of fitness, and as a certified yoga teacher, I thoroughly enjoy teaching paddleboard yoga.

Suzy teaching paddleboard yoga

Photo from Daily Press article about Paddle 757

That’s Suzy! Please help us welcome her to Hatchett Design Remodel when you get a chance to meet her in person. And when you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or addition, Suzy and her fellow Remodeling Consultants would be happy to help! Feel free to call or visit our showrooms in Newport News or Virginia Beach. Remember… “it costs nothing to ask!”

Meet Our People: Allison

We are happy to announce our newest team member, Allison. Her professional journey has taken her across the country and around the world, and we’re delighted that she landed here at Hatchett Design Remodel. As our newest designer, Allison prides herself on “recognizing the beauty in all possibilities, exploring the mysterious and transforming treasures into masterpieces.”

Allison’s Background

Allison spent 13 years in the wine industry with Moonrise Bay Vineyards. She then finished her BFA in Interior Design in 3 years with Magna cum Laude. From there, she explored her passion for Design and Architecture on a national and international level. Practicing high-end residential design in Washington, DC and Virginia since 2010, she has also embarked on new expeditions to other countries. She’s more than just a frequent flyer to Europe and Southeast Asia. Allison lived in Singapore for 3 years designing luxury residential interiors on a global level. Equipped with a worldly personality and a versatile design skill-set, she can blend a world of harmony and culture into a space, adding unique elements to her designs.

Allison in Melbourne, Australia

World Traveler, Multi-Media Artist, Environmentalist, Survivor, and Connoisseur of fine things in life, Allison brings another color to Hatchett’s spectrum. To help you get to know her better, we asked her a few questions.

In Allison’s Words

Why did you choose to work at Hatchett?
I sought my career path through Hatchett Design Remodel as my morals and values significantly aligned with theirs. Being at work feels like home base to me.

So far, what do you enjoy the most about your new job?
It’s a tie between building relationships with clients and turning their creative dreams into a reality AND being a part of an incredible team/work family executing each project with diligence and confidence.

What do you love about what you do?
For me, it’s about embracing the splendor of surprises and challenges everyday, discovering the endless possibilities and opening doors to new opportunities. Choosing to see the beauty in the world is how I get to know who I am and allow myself to connect with the world and others.

Allison with her sisters and mother

How do you spend your time away from work?
As a sister to 7 and “Auntie” of 11, much of my time is spent with family. I also enjoy being outdoors, painting large-scale artwork, listening to NPR, and cooking up a storm for my fiancé. He’s a remarkable gentleman (and my best friend) who supports my goals and dreams.

Allison with her fiancé
Welcome Aboard!

Please help us welcome Allison to Hatchett Design Remodel! We’re delighted to have her on our team, and we can’t wait to share her first Hatchett project when it’s done.

Allison Exploring in Cape Hatteras

To get your remodel started, give us a call at our Newport News or Virginia Beach showrooms. We are now offering virtual remodeling consultations for kitchens, bathrooms, additions and sunrooms. It costs nothing to ask!

Meet Our People: Don Hatchett

Don Hatchett was born and raised in Newport News, and he was brought up in the family business. His father, Clarence Ford Hatchett, founded the company in 1960 with a vision to provide exceptional construction services. At its inception, the business was strictly a siding and roofing company.

Don Hatchett Team Staff Hatchett Design Remodel
Transition to Design/Build Business Model

After working under the mentorship of his father, Don succeeded Clarence as the company’s President in 1993. During the 90s, Don expanded Hatchett into a design/build firm. His goal was to focus on the design aspect of a remodeling project as much as the construction. In 2016, Hatchett Design Remodel opened their second showroom in Virginia Beach to better serve their Southside customers.

Don Hatchett Team Remodeling Awards Hatchett Design Remodel

Through his leadership, Hatchett Design Remodel has evolved with industry design trends and standards. Much has changed yet the company’s values remain intact. Our mission is, and has always been, to provide the highest standard of service to our clients. The only way we can accomplish that is through the knowledge, devotion, and hard work of our team.

Education & Professional Leadership

Don matriculated from Belmont Abbey College with a B.A. in Business & Economics, and he was recognized as Who’s Who among students in American Universities and Colleges. He is Past President for Peninsula Housing & Builders Association, Peninsula Remodeler’s Council and Tidewater Remodeler’s Council.

Don Hatchett Three Generation Family Business Hatchett Design Remodel
Family Life

Don is married to Terry, his wife of 42 years.  He works side by side with his two children, Michael and Meghan, who have made him a grandfather three times over.

Don Hatchett Three Generations Family Business Hatchett Design Remodel

When he’s not at work or off spoiling his grandchildren, Don spends his free time golfing, boating, fishing, traveling or just relaxing in the Outer Banks.

Don is proud of his family and the business they’ve built together. We are all honored that more than 18,000 clients over 60 years have entrusted the remodeling of their homes to Hatchett Design Remodel. Don believes that our success as a design build firm is due to the continued support of our customers and the incredible talent of our people. In his words, “for that, I am deeply grateful.”

When you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or addition, Don hopes you’ll consider Hatchett Design Remodel for the job. Feel free to call or visit our showrooms in Newport News or Virginia Beach. And like Don always says, “it costs nothing to ask!”