Making a House Your Home

When buying a new home, it’s hard to find a house that has everything you want. The best advice Hatchett Design Remodel can give is to find a house that has the hard to change features you most desire – like the location, neighborhood, lot size or the view. Most anything else about a house can be customized to your taste and lifestyle.

Owen Park Home Remodel (Before)

When this family purchased their home in Williamsburg, they knew they wanted to eventually remodel. They decided to wait a couple years before making any changes. This gave them time to live in the space and get a real feel for what changes would make their new home fit their lifestyle.

Kitchen Two-Tone Cabinets Large Island Quartz Tops

Owen Park Kitchen (After)

Once they were ready to renovate, they called Hatchett Design Remodel to bring their vision to life. They hired us to remodel their kitchen and powder room, and we also converted their existing sunroom into a screened porch.

Screened Porch Conversion Outdoor Living

Owen Park Screened Porch (After)

They worked hand in hand with their Hatchett design team: Michael (Remodeling Consultant), Jessica (Designer), and Tommy (Project Manager). As you can see, they made beautiful, bold choices that elevated their home’s interior to magazine-worthy style.

Half Bath Remodel Wallpaper

Owen Park Powder Room (After)

When the renovations were complete, we asked if they’d be willing to share their experience with Hatchett. Here’s what they had to say:

Why did you decide to remodel?
When we moved into our home, we knew that we wanted to eventually remodel the kitchen and the powder room. The kitchen appliances were dated and the center island had two tiers which was not very practical for our needs. The powder room needed some style! We also had a sunroom adjacent to the kitchen that we never seemed to use. After living in house for a few years, we realized that we wanted this space to be a screened in porch. We knew it was time to tackle these projects after being cooped up in our house for so much of 2020.

Why did you choose Hatchett?
We had several friends who had used Hatchett for their remodels, and they were thrilled with their results. So we knew that they had an excellent reputation. Once we met with our design team, we saw how detailed and organized the process would be. It was an easy decision to choose Hatchett for the job.

What were you most nervous about in the remodeling process?
We were most nervous about having to miss significant time from work during the renovations. Our project manager, Tommy, handled everything with the scheduling though, and he was very respectful of our time. We were also nervous about being without a kitchen during the renovation. Luckily, Tommy also helped us set up a temporary kitchen in the laundry room! The renovation process was so organized that everything went smoothly, and there were no significant delays.

What was your favorite part of the process?
The design process was very exciting. Jessica’s design software really allowed us to see how our vision could become a reality. It was amazing to see her 3D renderings! They helped us get our designs just right. It was also wonderful to have professional design input on our ideas. Jessica came up with some wonderful design elements in all three spaces that we love.

What is your favorite feature in your remodeled kitchen?
We love the newly designed bar area with our wine fridge and pellet ice maker. We are thrilled with the new kitchen island layout, the new cabinets, and of course, the new appliances. The kitchen functions so much better for our family now. We are also thrilled with our powder room and our new screened porch. Everything really came out beautiful!

What pearls of wisdom would you share with anyone who wants to remodel?
Be sure to work with a company that truly values effective communication and has a well-thought out and organized process. We also think it really helped to have a dedicated project manager like Tommy to keep the renovation on track, communicate with the subcontractors, and keep the project on time.
Kitchen Bar Remodel Wine Refrigerator Wallpaper

Owen Park Bar (After)

Would you remodel again?
Yes, we just started a master bath remodel with Hatchett!

We are thrilled that the Owens are so pleased with their remodel, and we look forward to sharing their master bathroom with you soon! When you’re ready to start planning your remodel, just call or visit our showrooms in Newport News and Virginia Beach. We’d be happy to set up an in-person or virtual consultation to discuss remodeling your kitchen, bathroom, home office or addition. Remember, it costs nothing to ask!

Cabinetry Trends

Hatchett Design Remodel designs and builds spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. To help us accomplish this, we stay on top of design trends and partner with vendors whose products respond to the ever-changing needs of homeowners. Ultracraft, one of our cabinetry vendors, recently shared how their collection is evolving with your lifestyle.

Ultracraft Kitchen Cabinets by Hatchett Design Remodel

Built-in Work Space Cabinets

Ultracraft is designing kitchen cabinetry that serves multiple purposes for the entire family. As the hub of your home, the kitchen is for cooking, dining, socializing, entertaining, and now more than ever, working. The inclusion of a work space in your kitchen layout addresses the growing need of family members who work or school from home.

Kitchen Rendering with Work Space Cabinetry as part of the Design

Cabinetry Color Trends

Cabinet color can set the tone of a room. To keep the stress of the outside world outside, homeowners want their kitchens and bathrooms to elicit a sense of calm. Deep blues, greens and blacks blended with wood tones create a bold yet warm vibe in trending kitchen designs. In the bathroom, pastels with wood tones is a popular palette for a spa-like experience at home.

Cabinetry Trends Blind Corner Access, Tiered Drawer Storage, Floor to Ceiling Cabinets

Innovative Storage Solutions

Cabinet designers are also getting increasingly more creative with maximizing storage space in both kitchens and bathrooms. In response to the pandemic, many of us are making fewer trips to stores, which means we’re coming home with supplies to last longer than ever before. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets, blind corner storage solutions and two-tiered drawer systems utilize every inch of space to keep your home organized and your items easy to access.

To learn more about how Ultracraft’s cabinet collection can transform your kitchen or bathroom, reach out to Hatchett Design Remodel. Just give us a call or visit our showrooms in Newport News and Virginia Beach. We’d be happy to set up an in-person or virtual consultation to discuss your home remodel. Remember, it costs nothing to ask!

Puckett Bathroom Remodel

As a family business for over 60 years, Hatchett Design Remodel is honored when our friends and family choose us for their home remodels. Life long family friends reached out to Jessica recently when they decided to remodel their home in Williamsburg. Jessica’s always excited to tackle a new project, but this one was extra special since she describes the Mr. and Mrs. Puckett as her “second parents.”

The Pucketts asked Jessica to remodel two of their bathrooms – the master bath and the main guest bathroom on the first floor. The goal for both spaces was to update the style as well as increasing the functionality of the space.

Master Bath Remodel Shower Frameless Glass Enclosure

AFTER – Puckett Master Bath

Master Bathroom
Jessica’s bathroom design for the Puckett’s master suite includes a large shower, a vanity with added storage and a new walk-in closet. The white cabinets from Mantra‘s collection are topped with MSI Carrara Morror quartz countertops.
For the floor in the master bathroom, they chose Lumbar Natural plank tiles from Mosaic Tile. For contrast, we used lighter colored tiles in the shower. The walls of the shower are covered in Olympia Gris tiles, and the floor is made of Colorblox Slinky tiles.
The finishing touches include polished nickel fixtures from Kohler’s Bancroft collection and polished nickel “Replay Sconces” by Progress Lighting.
Master Bath Remodel Vanity White Cabinet Plank Tile Floor

AFTER – Puckett Master Bath

Guest Bathroom
The bathroom on the first floor is the main one used by their guests. While they wanted this bathroom to be functional as well, they also wanted it to be more formal for guest use. Jessica’s design for this space did not change the square footage, yet she was able to make this bathroom feel larger than it was before. First, we removed the soffit above the shower so that the wall stretches all the way to the ceiling which pulls the eye up. Then, we used a frameless glass enclosure for the shower which visually opens the space while still providing a necessary water barrier.
Guest Bath Remodel Shower Frameless Glass Enclosure

AFTER – Puckett Guest Bath

To accomplish the formal look the Pucketts requested, Jessica recommended the Rejuvination Warrenton Single Vanity. It’s a furniture style vanity in a rich wood tone with a marble top.
Bathroom Remodel Furniture Style Vanity Wood Tone Marble Top

AFTER – Puckett Guest Bath

The floor tile, Marvel Calcacatta Extra Herringbone by Mosaic Tile, was chosen to complement their beautiful new marble tops. We used the same shower tile from the master in the guest bathroom. Then finished the space with polished nickel fixtures. The vanity faucet is a Moen Wynford widespread faucet, and the Pearson shade sconces are from Pottery Barn.
Bathroom Remodel Vanity Mirror Wall Sconces Marble Tops Polished Nickel Fixtures

AFTER – Puckett Guest Bath

Design Team
Both bathrooms are lovely, and the Pucketts couldn’t be happier – which makes Jessica and our entire design team happy too! Shout out to: Jessica, Designer; Michael, Design Consultant; and Buck, Project Manager.
When you’re ready to renovate your bathroom, reach out to Hatchett Design Remodel. We are a full service design/build construction firm specializing in kitchens, bathrooms, home offices, additions and sunrooms. Just give us a call or visit our showrooms in Newport News and Virginia Beach. We’d be happy to set up an in-person or virtual consultation to discuss your home remodel. Remember, it costs nothing to ask!

Kitchen & Bathroom Tile

Quality craftsmanship is one of the reasons homeowners choose Hatchett Design Remodel. To ensure the quality of our craftsmanship, we rely on quality products from our elite group of vendors. Mosaic Tile in Virginia Beach is one of our trusted partners, and here’s why.

About Mosaic Tile Co.

Founded in 1972, Mosaic Tile is a long-standing and well-respected tile company in Hampton Roads. They have spent decades establishing relationships with suppliers and manufacturers around the globe in order to make a vast selection of high-end tiles readily available to our community.

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With a wide array of styles, colors and materials, our designers feel like kids in a candy store in Mosaic’s showroom. Whatever the design calls for, we are sure to find exactly what we need at Mosaic Tile.

In the Bathroom

Tile is arguably one of the most fun aspects of a design, because it brings so much character and personality to a space. By adding color, texture and visual interest to remodeled kitchens and bathrooms, it is often the main feature that pulls the eye through the room.

In the Burke bathroom remodel, for example, we incorporated a deco strip to add visual interest to the pattern.

Bathroom Shower Tile Offset with Decorative Strip
Burke Shower Offset Tile with Deco

We used Motion Ivory 12″x24″ tiles installed in an offset pattern, then added a decorative strip in the shower and along the tub deck. These beautiful Beach Linear tiles are from Mosaic’s Element collection.

Bathroom Tile Tub Deck Decorative Strip
Burke Tub Deck with Tile Deco

We also used tile decos in the Titcombs’ master bath in both the shower and around the vanity sink. Here we installed Sienna Blanco 12″x12″ tiles in a straight pattern with two decorative strips made from Mosaic’s Elements Stacked deco tiles. We lined the inset shelves with the stacked tile as well.

Bathroom Shower Tile Stacked with Deco and Inset Shelves
Titcomb Shower with Deco Strips and Inset Shelves

The same deco strip was then placed around the vanity countertop as a backsplash. This design choice helps to pull both sides of the bathroom together.

Titcomb Bathroom Vanity Backsplash


In the Kitchen

Tile in a kitchen backsplash is an opportunity to introduce color. Often times, homeowners like choosing white or neutral colored cabinets for the sake of longevity. Relatively speaking, tile is an easy and affordable element to rip out and replace if you ever want to give your kitchen a new look. This fact gives folks a little freedom to have some fun with their backsplash.

The DuBois kitchen is a great example of a classically white kitchen with a gentle splash of color from the tile backsplash. They chose Icelandic Blue Crystal glass subway tiles. These measure 4″x12″ for a modern twist on the traditional 3″x6″ subway dimensions.

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Glass Subway
DuBois Kitchen Backsplash

Even if you prefer a clean, all white palette for your kitchen, tile adds dimension to the space by introducing a new texture. This is true in the Hasty’s pure white kitchen. These SomerTile Beveled Arabesque tiles are a classic shape. For a modern take that accentuates that shape, we used Silverado Gray grout for contrast.

Kitchen Tile Backsplash White Porcelain
Hasty Kitchen Backsplash

The options and combinations are endless, but one thing’s for sure… Mosaic Tile is an excellent choice for your kitchen and bathroom remodel at Hatchett.

Let’s start talking about the possibilities! Give us a call today and set up your free virtual consultation. Remember, it costs nothing to ask.