5 Reasons to Renovate Multiple Rooms at the Same Time

October 3, 2022

If you have multiple spaces in your home that you’d like to renovate, it is both time and cost-efficient to renovate them all at the same time. Let’s take the Rust family’s recent remodel as a prime example. The Rusts have 4 bathrooms in their beach house that all needed updating. They chose to have Hatchett remodel them all at the same time for the sake of saving time and money.

Here’s how renovating multiple rooms at one time can benefit the homeowner.

Reason #1 – Cost of Tradesmen

One of the biggest savings with renovating multiple spaces at once is the cost of tradesmen, like electricians and plumbers. When you renovate multiple spaces at one time, Hatchett Design Remodel’s tradesmen can accomplish all the work in fewer visits to your home. These savings can be used to keep your project under budget, or you can reinvest the money into your home with upgrades you didn’t think you could afford.

Rust Bathrooms - 4 Bathroom Renderings - Renovate Multiple Rooms

Reason #2 – Project Prep

For every remodeling project, Hatchett preps your home with site protection to minimize dust and prevent damage. We also make arrangements for an on-site dumpster for demo debris, and we must follow the protocols to apply for all required permits. Then at the end of your project, we take all the site protection down, remove the dumpster and do our final clean-up.

Rather than going through these steps multiple times for individual projects, it behooves the homeowner for us to do all the prep work one time for multiple projects. Of course, any job involving multiple rooms is bigger than a one-room remodel, but each phase of a big job will go faster if we can do them all together.

Reason #3 – Continuity

One of our goals as we design your new space (or spaces in this case) is to keep the look of your interior cohesive. This helps your home flow flawlessly from room to room. By working on multiple spaces at once, we can use some of the same materials in the different rooms to connect them visually. If you do the rooms individually, products used in one space may not still be available when you renovate another room at a later date.

Reason #4 – Save on Materials

By using the same materials in multiple spaces, you can cut down on costs as well. For example, the Rusts used the same Marvel Calacatta Extra Lappato 12×24 Marble Look Tile on the floor and walls of their 3rd-floor guest bath and their master bath.

Reason #5 – Reduce Inconvenience

Hatchett Design Remodel has fine-tuned our remodeling process to streamline every step and minimize the disruption to your family’s daily routine. By renovating multiple rooms at once, you can further shorten the duration of the overall process. Grouping your projects into a single job will shorten the length of a job compared with having rooms done one by one. This is helpful whether you choose to remain in your home or move your family to temporary accommodations during construction.

When you’re ready to remodel, talk to your design team about the possibility of grouping multiple renovation projects into a single job. Set up your complimentary consultation today. Just give us a call or visit our showrooms in Newport News and Virginia Beach. Remember, it costs nothing to ask!

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