Davis Builder Grade Bathroom Makeover

June 7, 2023

If you’re looking to transform your builder grade bathroom, take inspiration from the Davis family who recognized the need to elevate their guest bathrooms to match the elegance and style of the rest of their upgraded home. The bathrooms featured uninspiring “builder basics” that felt out of place with the grandeur of the house.

As both bathrooms are designated for visiting guests, it was essential to create welcoming and functional spaces. To achieve this, the Davis family enlisted the expertise of the Hatchett Design Remodel team to transform these lackluster bathrooms into beautiful white and gold bathrooms that reflect their personal style.

Client Needs

The Davis family wanted to update their two basic builder grade bathrooms to match the elegance of their Williamsburg home. Although the bathrooms were functional, they lacked the style and modernity that the family desired.

Davis Hall Bathroom - Before

​Removal of Dark Wood Vanities

The chunky, dark wood vanity made the bathrooms feel dated. The dark colors made the space feel closed off and uninviting. Dark wood vanities were popular in the past, but today’s bathroom design trends lean toward lighter, airier spaces with sleek and modern fixtures.

DAVIS GUEST BATH BEFORE tub to shower conversion full gut

Uninspired Builder Grade Bathroom Tile

The Davis family was determined to remove the builder grade bathroom tile that was installed on the floors and shower walls of their bathrooms. They found the standard-issue tile to be generic and uninspired, lacking the unique character they desired in their upgraded home. Builder grade tile is often used by builders as a cost-saving measure, but the Davis family felt it was time to upgrade to something more modern and stylish.

Choosing a Bathroom Design Style

In keeping with the rest of their home’s style, the Davises opted for a Traditional bathroom design style, but their hall bathroom had some transitional touches, by means of slightly cleaner lines and nickel finishes.

What is Traditional Style?

The traditional style is rooted in the 18th and 19th centuries, with elegant lines and furniture that is comfortable and classic. The traditional style is often timeless and rarely looks outdated, making it a great jumping-off point for the transitional style.

What is Transitional Style?

A transitional style is a balanced mix of traditional design and modern and contemporary design. Often times transitional design is relaxed and laid back with pops of colors to add a modern flair.

Design Solution – White and Gold Bathrooms

The decision was made to do a complete gut job of both bathrooms, as it was determined that everything in them needed to be removed and replaced.

One of the major changes involved replacing the old, dark wood vanity with the sleek and modern Mantra Spectra Cabinets in the colorway Mineral. This upgrade brought a new level of sophistication to the bathrooms, giving them a light and fresh feel. As a bonus, we extended the cabinet just enough in the hall bathroom to include a second sink, which the Davises loved!

The shower/tub combo was found to offer a less-than-desirable showering experience. To address this, the installation of a new shower, not only opened up the room to more light but was also much more practical for daily use. In addition to these benefits, the new shower offers a lower threshold, making it safer and more accessible for people of all ages.

The previous design lacked a certain style, featuring common builder grade  bathroom finishes that left the space feeling bland. In the remodel, we were able to incorporate unique accents like gold fixtures and dimensional tile, instantly revitalizing the bathrooms and creating a space that felt in line with the rest of their home.

Add Visual Interest with New Tiles
Extend Cabinets
Modernize Vanity & Fixtures
Convert Shower/Tub Combo

Product Highlight: Gold Accents

The Davis’ guest bathroom featured a standout design element with its use of gold bathroom fixtures and accents. Against the pristine white backdrop, these details added a touch of luxury and sophistication, creating a visually stunning and memorable space for guests. This timeless combination is not only stylish but also a current trend that we have highlighted in our 2023 remodeling trends post.

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Product Highlight: Basketweave Tile

Basketweave tile is a classic and timeless design that has been popular for centuries. Its appeal lies in its ability to add texture and interest to a space, while remaining subtle and understated.

ZIZZO KITCHEN ultra craft marshall pepper and piper raw cotton msi artic white color collection white ice 3 x 12 matte jolly edge white oak custom wood shelves wicker pendant mannington restoration anthology lvt two tone large island seating
Source: Roca Tile
The woven pattern creates a visual interest that draws the eye, while the neutral color palette of most basketweave tiles allows them to be easily paired with other design elements. The small size of the individual tiles creates a sense of depth and dimensionality, making the floor appear more intricate and detailed. Overall, basketweave tile is a great choice for those looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their space.

Project Spotlight Summary

Hatchett Design Remodel was able to transform not just one, but two of the Davis’ Williamsburg bathrooms from builder basic to bare and beaming. By implementing practical design improvements and incorporating unique accents like gold fixtures and eye-catching tiles, we created two guest bathrooms that are both welcoming and functional, ensuring that guests feel at home during their stay.

Remodeling multiple projects at once is not only a convenient way to upgrade your home, but it’s also more cost-efficient. The Davis family was able to save time and money by tackling both of their guest bathrooms at once, resulting in a cohesive and stunning outcome.

If you are in Williamsburg, Virginia or surrounding areas and are interested in our home remodeling services, schedule your free consultation. And to see a few more photos of some of the past bathroom remodels we’ve completed, visit our gallery!

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