Introduction to Induction Cooktops

August 15, 2023

Among the decisions you face during a kitchen remodel is choosing your appliances, and one of which is your stove. When selecting the right range, there’s more to consider than size and finish. Most serious cooks prefer gas stoves for the heat control, while homeowners who want easy clean-up opt for a smooth top electric. However, Hatchett Design Remodel offers a third option that provides the best of both worlds – induction cooktops!

Jessica Altman

Jessica Altman

Lead Designer

“I try to direct everyone who wants gas to choose induction, because it’s easier to control, more energy efficient, and safer.”

What is induction cooking?

Induction cooking uses electromagnetic energy to heat pots and pans directly. This means that your cookware gets hot while the stove top itself remains at room temperature. 

The article goes on to explain, it “is able to deliver roughly 80% to 90% of its electromagnetic energy to the food in the pan.” Electric burners convert about 70% of their energy, while gas stoves only convert roughly 38%.

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Benefits of Induction Cooktops

If you’re considering upgrading your kitchen appliances, it’s time to explore the incredible benefits of induction cooking with an induction range. With its cutting-edge technology, induction cooking offers a range of advantages that make it a popular choice among homeowners.

From energy efficiency and precise temperature control to cool-to-the-touch surfaces, induction cooktops revolutionize the way we cook. In this article, we’ll delve into the remarkable features and advantages of induction cooktops, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of why they are a top choice for modern kitchens.

Temperature Control

Induction cooktops allow you to adjust the temperature swiftly and accurately to the desired level, giving you precise control over your cooking process. Unlike gas cooktops, where you have to wait for the flames to increase or decrease heat, and electric cooktops, which take time to heat up or cool down, induction cooktops offer instantaneous heat control.

Induction cooktops empower you to execute your culinary vision with confidence and precision, whether you’re gently melting chocolate, simmering delicate sauces, achieving a perfect sear on a steak, or performing a range of other cooking techniques.  The precise temperature control of induction cooktops not only enhances the cooking experience but also contributes to the overall quality of your dishes.

Energy Efficiency

According to Energy Star, induction cooktops transfer energy at a rate of approximately 85% efficiency. When ranking the efficiency of ranges, induction cooktops are the most efficient, followed by electric stoves and gas.

Stanford researchers found that gas stoves emit far more methane than once thought. They estimate the methane leaking from gas stoves in the US is equivalent to 500,000 gas-powered cars. Most emissions occurred not while the stoves were in use, but leaking when the gas ranges were off.

Induction cooktops stand out as the epitome of energy efficiency when it comes to range options.

Cool To The Touch

The cool-to-the-touch surface of induction cooktops minimizes the risk of accidental burns or injuries that can occur when coming into contact with a hot surface. Once the pot is lifted off the cooktop, the heat generation stops almost instantly, reducing the potential for burns or accidents. This aspect of safety is particularly important in households where there is a higher concern for the well-being of children or older adults.

Comparing Induction Cooktops vs. Electric vs. Gas

Choosing the right cooktop for your kitchen is a crucial decision, as it greatly impacts your cooking experience. To help you make an informed choice, we have prepared a comprehensive comparison chart that explores the key features of electric, induction, and gas cooktops.

Induction Cooktops Electric Cooktops Gas Cooktops
Heat Generation Magnetic field induces electrical currents in magnetic cookware Electric coils or heating elements directly heat cookware Flames produced by burning gas heat cookware
Heat Control Rapid and precise heat control Slower heat response and less precise control Instant heat adjustment and precise control
Heat Distribution Even and efficient heat distribution May not distribute heat evenly Heat distribution may vary
Cookware Compatibility Requires magnetic cookware (e.g., cast iron, stainless steel) Accommodates various types of cookware Accommodates various types of cookware
Surface Temperature Surface remains cool to the touch Surface gets hot during cooking Surface gets hot during cooking
Energy Efficiency Highly energy efficient, minimal heat loss Less energy efficient due to heat loss Energy efficient, but some heat loss
Cleaning Easy-to-clean surface, spills are less likely to stick Surface can be more difficult to clean Spills may require more effort to clean
Safety Surface remains cool, reducing the risk of burns Risk of burns due to hot surface Flames and open flame burners pose risks
Response Time Instant heat generation and adjustment Slower to heat up and cool down Instant heat generation and adjustment

If you’re ready to take your cooking experience to the next level, it’s time to embrace the power of induction cooktops. With their unmatched efficiency, precise temperature control, and enhanced safety features, induction cooktops offer a truly transformative cooking experience. At Hatchett Design Remodel, our experienced design team is ready to assist you in incorporating an induction cooktop into your kitchen remodel. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your culinary skills and create a kitchen that combines functionality, style, and the latest in cooking technology.

Get started today – contact us to schedule a consultation with our design team. Remember, it costs nothing to ask, and we’d love to help you create a kitchen that’s beautiful, safe, and efficient for your entire family.

FAQs About Induction Cooktops

What kind of pans work on an induction cooktop?

Iron and iron-based cookware, such as stainless steel, are compatible with induction cooktops. When it comes to induction cooking, cast iron stands out as an excellent choice for optimal performance and heat distribution.

What are the disadvantages of an induction cooktop?

While more cookware manufacturers are creating induction-compatible cookware, it is still restrictive. In addition, the initial cost of an induction cooktop is more expensive upfront compared to a traditional electric cooktop, but prices have been decreasing as the technology becomes more widespread.

How do you clean an induction cooktop?

Cleaning induction cooktops is a breeze with the use of warm water and mild dish soap. One of the advantages of induction cooktops is their cool-to-the-touch surface, which means spills and residue are less likely to become hardened or stuck compared to electric cooktops. This makes it easier to wipe away spills and keep your induction cooktop looking clean and well-maintained.

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