6 Designer Top Picks – Signature Hardware

June 22, 2022

The Signature Hardware collection was the subject of a training session that Hatchett Design Remodel’s design team recently attended. After the training session, we asked the designers to share their favorite fixtures and tell us why they love them.  These are their 6 top picks.

Hatchett Designers (left to right): Allison, Katie, Tara, Jessica, Eileen and Stacia

Allison: Beasley Kitchen Faucet

Allison’s favorite fixture from the Signature Hardware collection is the Beasley Faucet. She says, “it is ergonomically stylish and perfect for any trendsetter.” With a traditional, slim body, its curve appeal gives it a more contemporary aesthetic. She recommends it to our clients because it is versatile, sleek, and classy. This faucet will add flavor to your kitchen!
Ferguson Beasley Faucet
Interior Designer Katie

Katie: Greyfield Bathroom Sink Faucet

Katie loves the whole Signature Hardware collection, but when forced to pick a favorite, she chose the Greyfield widespread bathroom sink faucet in brushed gold. As she told us, “I love that it mixes a modern feel with traditional elements to make it very classic & timeless.” We recommend this piece to any client who wants to make a statement in their bathroom.
Greyfield widespread bathroom sink faucet
Tara Headshot

Tara: Manolin Vanity

Tara selected the Manolin vanity as one of her favorite pieces from the Signature Hardware collection, because “I love its Mid Century vibe. It makes it a great-looking cabinet for your bathroom!”
Manolin Vanity
Jessica Headshot

Jessica: Kateryn Freestanding Tub

The Kateryn Cast Iron Skirt Tub in Pacific Night is Jessica’s current favorite piece from Signature Hardware. Navy is her favorite color, and the contrast with the white interior makes this tub very striking. The style of this model is timeless with just a touch of modern appeal. She added, “I think it would be the star of any bathroom!”
Kateryn Cast Iron Skirt Tub in Pacific Night

Eileen: Bisbee Bathroom Vanity

What’s not to love about Eileen’s favorite piece, the Bisbee console vanity? She admits that she’s a sucker for anything green, and everybody loves storage space in their bathroom. The Bisbee console vanity gives you both! Storage is always highly desirable, especially in small bathrooms. This modern, colorful vanity is stunning while providing both visible and hidden storage.
Bisbee console vanity

Stacia: Caribana Kitchen Faucet

Stacia’s favorite Signature Hardware item is the Caribana Kitchen Faucet in Brushed Gold. This two-tone faucet will add WOW-factor to your kitchen without being overbearing. As she explains, “This faucet has an eye-catching, elegant look that makes a great focal point in the kitchen.” It also provides the flexibility of using matte black, brushed gold, or both types of finishes throughout the rest of the kitchen design.
Caribana Kitchen Faucet

All in all, our designers’ training session at Ferguson was a big success… both enlightening and fun! We can’t wait to start incorporating our favorites (and yours) from the Signature Hardware collection into your remodeled kitchens and bathrooms.

When you’re ready to remodel, Hatchett is here to help. Just give us a call or visit our showrooms in Newport News and Virginia Beach to set up an in-person or virtual consultation. Remember, it costs nothing to ask!

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