Get Your Home Winter Ready

November 8, 2019

It seems we’re not going to get much of a Fall here in Hampton Roads. Mother Nature is moving swiftly from summer temps to winter weather. The Farmers’ Almanac is calling for a Polar Coaster Winter this year, which means frigid temperatures and above average snow, sleet and rain are expected. To ensure your home’s ready for what’s to come, Hatchett Design Remodel recommends winterizing now before it gets colder.

Clear Yard Debris Close to House

Whether you’re close to the coast in Virginia Beach or more inland in Newport News or Williamsburg, we all need to prepare. Clean up debris around the exterior of your house, such as leaves and overgrown shrubs. You want at least a foot of clearance between your home and your landscaping. You’ll also want to cut back any limbs that are touching or hanging too close to the walls, windows or roof.

Home Winterizing Clear Debris Close to House
Repair Cracked Caulk & Peeling Paint

Check for cracked caulk and peeling paint. The smallest exposure to water can lead to significant wood rot.  The first step is to scrape away the loose paint and old caulk. Then apply new caulk around your windows and doors and seal wood surfaces with a couple fresh coats of paint. It’s best to do this when temperatures are 55 degrees or warmer, so your materials dry properly.

Home Winterizing Repair Cracked Caulk and Peeling Paint to Prevent Wood Rot
Prepare Plumbing for Extreme Cold

Turn off and drain hose bibbs, and disconnect and drain hoses.  If you have any exterior plumbing that’s exposed, we’d recommend insulating your pipes.  Wouldn’t hurt to also insulate the pipes that are exposed in your basement or crawl space. When severe cold temperatures hit, opening bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors and dripping faucets will also help keep your pipes from bursting.

Home Winterizing Turn Off and Drain Outdoor Spigot and Hoses
Clean Gutters

Clean your gutters. Leaves and debris will trap water and freeze. This could cause your gutters and downspouts to split or even break away from your house.

Chimney & Gas Log Inspections

Have a chimney sweep inspect your fireplace, and have a certified technician service your gas logs. In case of a power outage, your fireplace may be your sole source of heat until electrical lines are restored.

Home Winterizing Fireplace Chimney Sweep and Gas Log Inspection

When you’re done winterizing, stock up on hot cocoa and hunker down with your family for the cuddliest time of year.

At Hatchett Design Remodel, we pride ourselves on helping you take care of your most prized investment – your home. These tips will help protect it from winter elements; and when you’re ready to renovate, we can help with that too. To talk to us about building an addition or remodeling your kitchen or bathrooms, reach out to our design team at our showrooms in Newport News or Virginia Beach.  It costs nothing to ask!

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