9 Elements of a Bright, Cleanly Designed Kitchen

August 3, 2022

The Eliason family called on Hatchett Design Remodel to convert their dark, outdated kitchen into a bright space with simple, clean lines. To accomplish this look, there are 9 key elements that Jessica was sure to include in her design.


Element #1 – Light

The first step of this remodel was to demo the wall between the kitchen and the den. By opening up that wall, we exposed the kitchen to a large window in the adjacent room, thereby allowing a considerable amount of natural light to spill into the kitchen.

Element #2 – Black and White Color Scheme

Using black and white as the main colors in this design helped Jessica achieve the look the Eliasons wanted. In addition to the longevity of this classic palette, the white cabinets help reflect and bounce light around the room… which makes the space appear even larger. The white cabinets are Mantra‘s Omni cabinetry in Snow. For contrast, Jessica included touches of black in the cabinet pulls, faucet, light fixtures and the paint used on the pantry doors and kitchen island. The black paint is Benjamin Moore’s Cheating Heart.

Element #3 – Stainless Steel Appliances

The light gray hue and reflective quality of stainless steel also contribute to the bright, airy feel of this design. We were able to reuse their existing appliances, which helped keep their remodel within their budget.

Element #4 – Marble-Look Quartz Countertops

Marble is the ultimate classic, but it’s a little high maintenance in the kitchen since it’s a very porous stone. That’s what makes this Atlantic Calacatta Quart ideal for this design. It offers that classic marble look without the fuss or risk of water damage.

Element #5 – Subway Tile

The simplicity and clean lines of a classic white 3×6 subway tile never go out of style. For a little extra texture and flare, Jessica selected a beveled-edged tile that we accented with a dark Driftwood grout (color #543).

Element #6 – Open, Floating Shelving

It’s an obvious point to make, but the open shelving in this space contributes to the open feel of this design. The clean lines along with the warmth of the natural wood tones help make this space feel inviting and accessible.

Element #7 – Butcher Block Tops

With a black and white color palette, a space may look more sterile than you want. To create more warmth in this space, Jessica recommended a butcher block top for their kitchen island. She customized the stain color from Southside Woodshop for these red oak tops as well as the open shelves.
ELIASON KITCHEN COMPLETE black kitchen faucet

Element #8 – Hard Wood Floors

The Eliasons already had hardwood floors in their kitchen, so we were able to simply refinish the existing floors. They chose a light yet warm, gray stain that contributes to the overall warmth of this simple design.

Element #9 – Shaker Door Style

Like subway tile, the Shaker door style is one of the most classic and versatile design elements you can choose. The simplicity of this style creates clean, crisp lines that echo that of the tile as well as the boxy shape of the floating shelves.
ELIASON KITCHEN COMPLETE black kitchen faucet
We love this bright, cleanly designed kitchen as much as the Eliasons do. In Jessica’s words, “It’s super inviting – makes you want to just walk in and sit down. It’s just comfy. Perfect for a family.”
If you want your kitchen that feels like home, incorporating these 9 elements into the design will do just that. And if you’d like our help with your remodel, just give us a call or visit our showrooms in Newport News and Virginia Beach to set up an in-person or virtual consultation. Remember, it costs nothing to ask!

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