Bathroom Remodel for the Burkes

The Burkes love their home in Virginia Beach, but they decided it was time to give their master bathroom a refresh. Features like the built-in tub, framed shower enclosure, full wall vanity mirrors and bold striped wall paper dated the space. They reached out to Hatchett Design Remodel to see what it would take to bring their bathroom back into style.

Burke Bathroom BEFORE

After the initial consultation, our design team determined that we could completely revamp their bathroom without changing the footprint at all. Ashley, the designer, created photo-real renderings that illustrated exactly what the Burkes wanted.

Design Rendering of Burke Bathroom


Design Rendering of Burke Bathroom

Mrs. Burke wanted a free-standing tub, but she didn’t want to give up the ledge space of the old tub deck. Ashley created a compromise by mounting the faucet in a tile deck behind the freestanding tub, so Mrs. Burke can now enjoy the best of both worlds.

Burke Bathroom AFTER

The base of the vanity is similar to the previous vanity, but with updated materials and upgrades, such as the drawer outlet. This is a fairly simple amenity to add-on, especially for the convenience it brings to your daily hair drying routine.

Burke Bathroom AFTER

While she couldn’t wait to get rid of the full wall mirror over the vanity, they were gonna miss the functionality of having a large mirror in their bathroom. Ashley to the rescue again! She custom designed the center wall cabinet to mimic one that Mrs. Burke found in a magazine.

Burke Bathroom AFTER

The custom cabinet came from Ultracraft. Then Custom Closet & Glass installed the mirror and the glass shelves when they were there to install the glass enclosure for the shower.

Burke Bathroom AFTER

The Burkes are very pleased with their newly remodeled bathroom. And as always, we’re very pleased with our design team: Ashley, Designer; Ron, Remodeling Consultant; and Dennis, Project Manager. Another job well done!

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Kitchen Remodel for the Jennings

“More space” is something almost all homeowners want when they remodel. That may translate into more storage space, opening up a space or even building a whole new space. If physically adding square footage is a bigger project than you’re ready for, Hatchett Design Remodel can still make your space look bigger. There are several tricks of our trade that create the illusion of space – three of which were applied in the Jennings’ kitchen remodel.

Photo-Real Rendering of Jennings’ Kitchen Remodel
White Cabinets

White works wonders when it comes to making a space look larger. It reflects and bounces light around the room, which makes the space appear brighter and more airy.  To achieve this effect, we replaced the Jennings’ dark stained cabinets with white painted cabinets from Ultracraft‘s Frameless Full Access collection.

Jennings’ Kitchen – Before (left) and After (right)
Tall Wall Cabinets

The height of the cabinets also plays a significant role in making their remodeled kitchen look larger. Cabinets that extend all the way to the ceiling pull the eye up, thereby making you think the room is bigger than it was before.

Their new cabinets also create more actual space for additional storage. The Jennings chose a few special features for their new cabinets, including a Lazy Susan base cabinet, a pull-out pantry, a pull-out trash can cabinet, and a broom pantry closet.

Flooring for Flow

While their white cabinets pull your eye up and around the room, the color of their new flooring pulls you through the space. Before the remodel, the Jennings’ kitchen floor was a different color than the flooring in the adjacent room. The stark contrast between the two types of flooring broke up the space rather than pulling the rooms together. We improved the visual flow between the spaces by installing LVT with the same dark tone as the floors in their dining area.

Jennings’ Kitchen Remodel – Before (left) and After (right)

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Kitchen Remodel for the Browns

Hatchett Design Remodel renovated the Brown’s master bathroom a couple years ago. After experiencing our design process first hand, the Brown’s decided to hire Hatchett again to remodel their kitchen.

Brown's Kitchen Before
Brown’s Kitchen BEFORE
Tried & True Process

With over 60 years of experience remodeling homes in Hampton Roads, we’ve fine tuned our process to make remodeling easy and stress-free for our clients. Our Process consists of 4 phases: Consultation, Design, Pre-Construction, and finally, Construction. The Brown’s kitchen remodel is mid-process. We’d like to share our progress thus far, because this is when it starts getting really fun!

Pre-Construction Process

We recently met with the Brown’s for their pre-construction meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to review the design, double check measurements, confirm selections before materials are ordered, and set up a date for construction to begin. This step of the process is crucial to ensure that the construction phase goes as smoothly as possible. Click here for a 360 Panorama of the kitchen design.

Photo-Real Rendering of Brown's Remodeled Kitchen Design
Design Rendering of the Brown’s Remodeled Kitchen

On this day, Jessica reviewed the design renderings and walked through the details of her plan. The Brown’s new kitchen will be more of an open concept than their current layout. We’re opening the wall that separates the kitchen from the living room, yet we’re installing lower cabinets to house the sink and provide storage.


Brown's Kitchen Before
Brown’s Kitchen BEFORE
The Plan
We are gutting the space, yet the foot print will remain basically the same. The cooktop will become a range in the same location. The closet pantry will be replaced by built-in pantries around the refrigerator. Jessica is also incorporating a kitchen island into their design.
Photo-Real Rendering of Brown's Remodeled Kitchen Design
Design Rendering of Brown’s Remodeled Kitchen
While we’re renovating the kitchen, we’re also updating the adjacent laundry room and half bath.
Brown's Laundry Room BEFORE
Brown’s Laundry Room BEFORE
We’re widening the entryway by the garage door to make it easier to navigate with groceries. The new flooring in the kitchen will extend into the laundry room and the bathroom. The wallpaper is coming down and lots of new storage cabinets are going up!
Photo-Real Rendering of Brown's Remodeled Laundry Room Design
Design Rendering of Brown’s Remodeled Laundry Room
Next Step

The Brown’s pre-construction meeting went very well, and the plan is approved. The cabinets, flooring, backsplash tile, appliances and all the materials have been ordered. Once everything arrives, it’ll be DEMO DAY… the first official day of the construction phase. Stay tuned for our next installment of the Brown’s Kitchen Remodel.

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Vann Bathroom Remodel

‘Tis the season to remodel your bathroom with Hatchett Design Remodel. To get you in the spirit, here’s a peek at a recent project our team completed for the Vann family.

Vann, Bathroom, Remodel, Rendering, Retro
Raytrace Rendering of Vann Bathroom Remodel

During the initial consultation, Mrs. Vann requested small black and white tile for her bathroom floor. Right away, Tara’s face lit up, because she loves that retro style. It’s a timeless design choice that offers a great deal of visual interest with the contrast between the black and white tiles. Their existing flooring had significant water damage that needed to be addressed, but it wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle.

Vann Bathroom BEFORE

In addition to new floors, the Vanns also wanted to replace their toilet, upgrade to a larger vanity with more storage and replace the existing tub/shower unit with a luxurious tiled shower.

Vann, Bathroom, Remodel, Vanity, Gray Pain, Matte Black Pulls
Vann Bathroom AFTER

They selected a Mid Continent vanity with the Thomas door style and gray paint called Stone. With 2 sets of 3-drawer stacks and a center door cabinet, we greatly increased their bathroom storage. Like many older vanities, their original one was awkwardly short. Since Mr. Vann is a tall man, Tara recommended a 36″ H vanity.  Such a simple change can make for a huge improvement in your daily routine. For the cabinet hardware, the Vanns chose Top Knobs Pennington Bar Pulls in matte black to complement the floors.

The tops are white polystone to contrast the gray cabinet, and the widespread faucet is a Delta Cassidy in chrome.  They chose their accessories from the same Delta line, because they wanted everything to match.

Vann, Bathroom, Remodel, Sink Faucet, Chrome
Vann Bathroom AFTER

For their luxury tile shower, they selected a large format gray tile. We used 12×24 Unique Stone tiles in soft gris for the walls and 2×2 Unique Stone tiles in pewter for the floors. We added his and her niches on either side of the bench for additional storage. Then we finished the shower with matte black hardware on the glass shower door to complement the cabinet hardware.

Vann Bathroom AFTER

The personal touches that make the Vanns bathroom unique are the frame for the vanity mirror and the light fixture over the vanity.  We ordered the custom matte black frame from Mid Continent. Then we found a retro style black and chrome light fixture that ties everything together beautifully.

Vann, Bathroom, Remodel, Custom Mirror Frame, Retro Light Fixture
Vann Bathroom AFTER
Paint Color

The Vanns knew they wanted gray on the walls, but let’s just say there are far more than just fifty shades of that color! Tara narrowed the selection down to her favorite Benjamin Moore grays, which helped the Vanns choose Gray Owl for the walls with white trim.

When the project was complete, Tara returned to the Vann home to take our “after” pictures. The Vanns kept saying how pleased they are with their remodeled bathroom, and Mrs. Vann is particularly fond of the wall color.

Seeing their excitement is why we love what we do.  Congratulations to Jake (remodeling consultant), Tara (designer), Tommy (project manager) and our entire crew for another job well done!

If all you want for Christmas is a new bathroom, it’s a good time to add it to your wish list.  Right now, you can save up to $1000 off a full bathroom remodel by Hatchett Design Remodel.  Give us a call about the details or stop by one of our showrooms in Newport News or Virginia Beach… it costs nothing to ask!