Kitchen & Bathroom Tile

Quality craftsmanship is one of the reasons homeowners choose Hatchett Design Remodel. To ensure the quality of our craftsmanship, we rely on quality products from our elite group of vendors. Mosaic Tile in Virginia Beach is one of our trusted partners, and here’s why.

About Mosaic Tile Co.

Founded in 1972, Mosaic Tile is a long-standing and well-respected tile company in Hampton Roads. They have spent decades establishing relationships with suppliers and manufacturers around the globe in order to make a vast selection of high-end tiles readily available to our community.

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With a wide array of styles, colors and materials, our designers feel like kids in a candy store in Mosaic’s showroom. Whatever the design calls for, we are sure to find exactly what we need at Mosaic Tile.

In the Bathroom

Tile is arguably one of the most fun aspects of a design, because it brings so much character and personality to a space. By adding color, texture and visual interest to remodeled kitchens and bathrooms, it is often the main feature that pulls the eye through the room.

In the Burke bathroom remodel, for example, we incorporated a deco strip to add visual interest to the pattern.

Bathroom Shower Tile Offset with Decorative Strip
Burke Shower Offset Tile with Deco

We used Motion Ivory 12″x24″ tiles installed in an offset pattern, then added a decorative strip in the shower and along the tub deck. These beautiful Beach Linear tiles are from Mosaic’s Element collection.

Bathroom Tile Tub Deck Decorative Strip
Burke Tub Deck with Tile Deco

We also used tile decos in the Titcombs’ master bath in both the shower and around the vanity sink. Here we installed Sienna Blanco 12″x12″ tiles in a straight pattern with two decorative strips made from Mosaic’s Elements Stacked deco tiles. We lined the inset shelves with the stacked tile as well.

Bathroom Shower Tile Stacked with Deco and Inset Shelves
Titcomb Shower with Deco Strips and Inset Shelves

The same deco strip was then placed around the vanity countertop as a backsplash. This design choice helps to pull both sides of the bathroom together.

Titcomb Bathroom Vanity Backsplash


In the Kitchen

Tile in a kitchen backsplash is an opportunity to introduce color. Often times, homeowners like choosing white or neutral colored cabinets for the sake of longevity. Relatively speaking, tile is an easy and affordable element to rip out and replace if you ever want to give your kitchen a new look. This fact gives folks a little freedom to have some fun with their backsplash.

The DuBois kitchen is a great example of a classically white kitchen with a gentle splash of color from the tile backsplash. They chose Icelandic Blue Crystal glass subway tiles. These measure 4″x12″ for a modern twist on the traditional 3″x6″ subway dimensions.

Kitchen Tile Backsplash Glass Subway
DuBois Kitchen Backsplash

Even if you prefer a clean, all white palette for your kitchen, tile adds dimension to the space by introducing a new texture. This is true in the Hasty’s pure white kitchen. These SomerTile Beveled Arabesque tiles are a classic shape. For a modern take that accentuates that shape, we used Silverado Gray grout for contrast.

Kitchen Tile Backsplash White Porcelain
Hasty Kitchen Backsplash

The options and combinations are endless, but one thing’s for sure… Mosaic Tile is an excellent choice for your kitchen and bathroom remodel at Hatchett.

Let’s start talking about the possibilities! Give us a call today and set up your free virtual consultation. Remember, it costs nothing to ask.

Reuter Kitchen Remodel

When the Reuter family decided to remodel their home in Williamsburg, they called Hatchett Design Remodel. Like many homeowners looking to remodel, they were generally pleased with the layout of their kitchen.  That said, they also felt it was too dark, showing signs of wear and just needed a refresh.

Reuter Kitchen BEFORE
Light Painted Cabinets

The Reuters’ kitchen is in the center of their first floor, so the only natural light in that space is from adjacent rooms.  The open concept of their existing floor plan allows light to enter the kitchen, but the dark stained cabinets soaked up too much of the light.  To brighten the space, Jessica recommended painted cabinets to help bounce the light around their kitchen. The Reuters opted for two-tone cabinets with Gray Mist for the lower cabinets and Dove White for the uppers. A neutral color palette such as this gives homeowners flexibility in choosing and changing their decor. It also provides longevity to the life of your renovation.

Reuter Kitchen AFTER

For contrast against the light cabinetry, the Reuters chose slate pulls from Top Knobs‘ Atlas collection. Then we added a subtle pop of color with light blue glass tiles from Morris Tile in the backsplash by the refrigerator.

Reuter Kitchen AFTER
Countertops & Tile

While most of their new kitchen is indeed “new”, they asked us to salvage one thing – their kitchen island countertop. That request was tricky, but Hatchett’s team is always up for a challenge! In order to keep the countertop of their uniquely shaped island, we had to replicate the size and shape with new cabinetry. This took a little extra creativity, but as you can see, it turned out beautifully.

The hexagon shape of the Soho Eco Ocean 2″ tiles complement their larger counterpart on the opposite wall.  The backsplash behind the range was created from gray Classico 7″x8″ hex tiles from Mosaic Tile.

Reuter Kitchen AFTER
Specialty Storage

The cabinetry is Ultracraft Eurotek frameless cabinets with Cape May doors on the island and Jamestown doors on the surrounding cabinets. The surround cabinets are topped with Silestone Cemento Spa countertops to complement the granite top of the island.

Reuter Kitchen AFTER

To help this busy family of five stay organized, we added matching cabinetry and tops in the pantry and a specialty cabinet next to the refrigerator.  This organizational cabinet now serves as their “home base” for schedules, forms and mail.

Reuter Kitchen AFTER

The Reuters are very pleased with their kitchen remodel, and it was our pleasure to bring it to life.  Well done, team – Meghan (Design Consultant), Jessica (Designer) and Buck (Project Manager).

The Reuter Family

If you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or addition, reach out to Hatchett Design Remodel in Newport News or Virginia Beach. We are conducting virtual consultations to keep your home renovations on schedule and to keep progress progressing! Remember, it costs nothing to ask!

Introduction to Induction Cooktops

Among the decisions you face during a kitchen remodel is choosing your appliances, and one of which is your stove. When selecting the right range, there’s more to consider than size and finish. Most serious cooks prefer gas stoves for the heat control, while homeowners who want easy clean-up opt for a smooth top electric. However, Hatchett Design Remodel offers a third option that provides the best of both worlds – induction!

Jessica, one of Hatchett’s designers, recommends induction ranges to her clients. She tries “to direct everyone who wants gas to choose induction, because it’s easier to control, more energy efficient, and safer.”

Raytrace Design Rendering featuring Induction Cooktop with Under Cabinet Hood
Raytrace Design Rendering featuring Induction Cooktop with Under Cabinet Hood
What Is Induction Cooking?

This article explains each of her points in detail, but first it explains what it is. Induction cooking “uses electromagnetic energy to heat pots and pans directly.” This means that your cookware gets hot while the stove top itself remains room temperature.  The article goes on to explain, it  “is able to deliver roughly 80% to 90% of its electromagnetic energy to the food in the pan.” Electric burners convert about 70% of its energy, while gas stoves only convert roughly 38%.

Induction Cooktop with Retractable Downdraft Range Hood
Induction Cooktop with Retractable Downdraft Range Hood
Energy Efficiency

Another article cites a new report from Curbed that points out that many cities are pushing for homeowners to stop cooking with gas, because of its effects on climate change. It states that “the movement is an effort to cut down on the 560 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions released each year.”

It goes on to point out that “electric stoves are twice as energy efficient.” So while electric is two times more efficient than gas, induction cooktops are even more efficient than traditional electric cooktops.
Induction Cooktop with Wall Mounted Hood
Induction Cooktop with Wall Mounted Hood
The Advantages
For those skeptical chefs out there who are die hard gas fans, give induction a chance. It provides easy and quick temperature control by achieving a wide range of temperatures faster than its electric or gas counterparts. As a bonus, the cooktop itself remains cool to the touch the moment the pot leaves the surface. The cooktop isn’t what gets hot; it’s the pot that heats up. This is why induction ranges are safer for families with small children.
When you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, talk to your designer about an induction range. You may also call or visit our showrooms in Newport News or Virginia Beach. And remember, it costs nothing to ask!

Hatchett’s 2020 Chili Cook-Off

Hatchett Design Remodel hosted our 9th Annual Chili Cook-Off today to kick-off Super Bowl weekend!  Staff, family and clients gathered in our Newport News showroom as our chili contenders competed crockpot to crockpot!
The competition heated up this year as our chili masters vied for Hatchett’s coveted Chili Cook-Off trophy.
Our esteemed panel of taste testers mingled while they enjoyed a sample of each batch before casting their ballots.  Of all the champion chilis, there was one clear winner.
The Winner
Congratulations, Tommy for earning your place in Hatchett Design Remodel history as the 2020 Chili Cook-Off Winner. He couldn’t have done it without the winning recipe, which came from one of our clients.  Half that trophy is yours, Rusty Adams!
If you’re looking for a really good chili recipe for this Sunday’s game, here’s Tommy’s (and Mr. Adams’) winning recipe.
1-1/2″lbs stew meat
2 cans 10oz RoTel diced tomatoes & green chilies
1 can 15oz Bush’s seasoned black beans
1 can 15oz sweet corn
1 can 13oz mushrooms
1 can 15oz pitted black olives
1 pouch 1.25oz McCormick chili season
1 tbsp liquid smoke
Cut stew meat into smaller pieces and brown in a skillet.
Drain water from corn, mushrooms and black olives.
Chop mushrooms and olives.
Add entire cans of RoTel and seasoned black beans into crock pot.
Add corn, mushrooms, olives, chili seasoning liquid smoke and browned stew meat into crock pot.
Let simmer.
For those who like something sweet to go with your savory, another client, Mrs. Gamache, offered up her recipe for Chocochip Gooey Treats. Delish!
Thank you to all who participated and trained for this year’s event. Congratulations to Tommy for proving yet again that our skills in the kitchen extend beyond just design and construction. Happy Super Bowl Sunday from all of us at Hatchett Design Remodel!