Quick & Easy 4th of July Party Tips

If you too have been blindsided by July’s arrival, then you’re probably scrambling for party ideas for your 4th of July festivities. Hatchett Design Remodel is here to help! Our design teams in Newport News and Virginia Beach have come up with a few easy ideas that will put the patriotic in your party plans!

Front Entrance Decor

As in home design, decor sets the tone. Embrace the flag theme and carry it through every element of our party. For starters, guests should be greeted by old glory upon their arrival. If you don’t already have an American flag hanging from your home, now’s a good time to wave those stars and stripes.

4th of July Party Decor American Flag Front Porch
Photo Credit Southern Living on Pinterest

Luminaries along the driveway, sidewalk and front stoop are a festive way to welcome your guests. All you need are mason jars, small American flags and battery operated votives (all of which can be found at your local dollar store).

4th of July Party Decor DIY Luminaries
Photo Credit DIY Craftsy on Pinterest

If you have a little time to commit to your porch decor, make a patriotic wreath for your front door. This clothespin wreath is simple and inexpensive to make. The wire wreath frame, twine, clothespins, spray paint and foam stars are all available at any craft store. We recommend spray painting the clothespins before assembly.

4th of July Party Decor Patriotic Wreath Front Door
Photo Credit Oh Clary on Pinterest
Backyard Decor

Most 4th of July parties spill over into the backyard, so don’t forget to decorate out there too. This balloon flag display is fun and super easy to replicate. If you’re using helium, attach each column of balloons to a single string tacked to the floor or tied to a weight. Then line them up next to each other to create the stars and stripes. If you don’t have helium, the balloons can be attached to a wall with tape or poster putty. Be sure to clean the surface of the wall so that the balloons stick.

4th of July Party Decor Balloons
Photo Credit Ella Claire on Pinterest
Patriotic Playlist

When it comes to parties, silence is NOT golden. You’ve gotta have good music to create the right mood. Let freedom ring by including these star spangled singles in your 4th of July playlist.

4th of July Party Playlist Patriotic Songs American Music
Photo Credit The Momerie on Pinterest
Kid Activities

If you have little ones attending your soiree, you’re gonna need some games or activities to keep them entertained. This clever Snap, Crackle and Pop display has all the stuff kids love, and it doubles as decor. “Snap” fireworks are harmless and loud – kids love loud stuff. Sparklers are a 4th of July staple, so they are perfect for the “crackle”. Last but not least, little bottles of bubbles are the “pop”. Have at it, kiddos!

4th of July Party Kid Activities Sparklers Bubbles Snap Fireworks
Photo Credit Uncommon Designs on Pinterest

Now that the kids are covered, you need a little something special for the adults. This red, white and blue vodka lemonade slushy is a refreshing party pleaser that will help the grown ups beat the heat. It may look harder than it is, but be sure to follow the recipe carefully. It’s important to pour the heaviest red layer on the bottom, followed by the blue, top it off with the white, then enjoy responsibly!

4th of July Party Frozen Lemonade Vodka Cocktail
Photo Credit Homemade Hooplah on Pinterest

Cheers! All of us at Hatchett Design Remodel wish you and yours a happy and safe 4th of July.

And when you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or addition, we hope you reach out to us at our showrooms in Newport News or Virginia Beach… remember, it costs nothing to ask!

Make Father’s Day All About Dad

There’s no way to even the score with Dad after all the soccer games, recitals, band concerts and awards ceremonies he sat through for you, but Father’s Day is an opportunity to do something just for him. Our team at Hatchett Design Remodel has a few suggestions of how you can make Father’s Day all about Dad.

Raise a Glass to Dad

The key to planning a perfect day for Dad is to focus on what he likes to do. If your dad has a taste for craft beer, then plan a brew tour for him.

Photo Credit Oozlefinch on Ft. Monroe
Hampton Roads is booming with local breweries from Williamsburg down to our Carolina border. Be sure to designate a driver or get an Uber.
The Great Outdoors
For outdoorsy dads, you could plan an overnight camping trip, take a hike, or get out on the water at any of these perfect paddling spots.
Photo Credit The Daily Press
If motorized water craft are more dad’s speed, you could charter a boat and take a fishing trip… or rent a couple of wave runners for the day.
Photo Credit AquaMan Sport Fishing Charters
Make a whole day on the water by chartering a boat for a fishing trip. Even if you don’t catch anything, it’s a great way to catch up with ol’ Dad.
Does dad like to golf? Then treat him to a round at a special course he rarely gets to play. If your skills aren’t up to par for a real round of golf, take dad to Top Golf in Virginia Beach.
Photo Credit Norfolk Tides
If y’all would rather spectate an event, the Tides are in this weekend at Harbor Park. It’s the Norfolk Tides versus the Charlotte Knights at 1:05pm on Sunday.
Weather Proof Plans
Sunday’s forecast is looking good right now, but it’s probably a good idea to have some indoor options in your back pocket. Competitive dads may enjoy a day of indoor racing.
Photo Credit iFLY Virginia Beach

While thrill seeking dads may like to try iFLY. It’s the rush without the risk that comes with jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.However you spend the day with Dad, enjoy your time together. Thanks for everything you do, Dad. Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Hatchett Design Remodel!

Bathroom Storage Solutions

Storage is a common issue homeowners deal with in their bathrooms. At Hatchett Design Remodel, we pride ourselves on designing spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. So this week, we’re sharing some clever storage solutions that you may want us to include in your remodeled bathroom.

Shower Shelves

For most of us, one little cubby in the shower is not nearly enough. Hatchett can design your shower with stacks of shelves to ensure you have ample room for his and her shampoos, conditioners, soaps, razors, shaving creams, exfoliants and whatever else finds its way into your daily routine.

Bathroom Storage Shower Shelves
Photo Credit via Pinterest
Open Shelving

While it’s nice to have cabinets to tuck your toiletries away, it’s best to have some items in a place that’s easy to access. That’s why you should consider open shelving for towels in close proximity to your tub and/or shower.

Bathroom Storage Open Shelving
Photo Credit via Pinterest
Built-In Hamper

Rather than having a stack of dirties piling up on the floor or in a hamper taking up floor space, consider a built-in hamper that provides a discreet alternative that keeps your bathroom orderly.

Bathroom Storage Pull-Out Cabinets
Photo Credit via Pinterest
Pull-Out Storage

There’s nothing wrong with a regular ol’ cabinet. However, once you experience the ease of using pull-out cabinetry, you may never go back. Pull-out cabinets bring your items to you rather than you having to go in to get them (which often requires moving things around to get to the item you want).

There are several innovative designs that rethink how we use everyday bathroom features, like the medicine cabinet.  In a traditional cabinet, the mirror swings open, so you can access the stored items. That’s easy enough, but you lose the use of the mirror while taking items out and putting them away. This pull-out design rectifies that problem. Here you have easy access to the items you need, while you still have full use of the mirror.

Bathroom Storage Medicine Cabinet
Photo Credit via Pinterest
A must have for a lot of ladies is a pull-out styling tool station. This cabinet is fitted with an electrical socket to keep those cumbersome cords confined, and hot tools can safely be stowed in each holder. Think of the time this feature could save you every morning! It may only take a few minutes to pull your styling tools out and put them away, but in the morning, those minutes are precious.
Bathroom Storage Hair Tool Cabinet
Photo Credit via Pinterest
Toilet Paper Holder

Rather than having a toilet paper dispenser sticking out of the wall next to the potty, we can tuck it into the wall while also providing on-the-ready storage for future rolls.

Photo Credit via Pinterest
Often times, the solutions to little aggravating storage problems are simple. Be sure to make a list of anything that annoys you about your current bathroom, so your designer can help find the fix that works for you. Schedule your in-home consultation today by calling or dropping by our showrooms in Newport News or Virginia Beach. It costs nothing to ask!

Memorial Day Tributes

As you gather with your friends and family this weekend, Hatchett Design Remodel asks that you pay your respects to our fallen military men and women. The tradition of Memorial Day began after the Civil War on a day then called “Decorations Day”. Shops shut down on this day, so everyone in town could visit the local‚ cemeteries and decorate the graves of our fallen soldiers.

The true meaning of this National Holiday has gotten lost in the shuffle of mattress sales and backyard barbecues. We get it – at Hatchett Design Remodel, we love an excuse to party as much as you do! We want everyone to fully enjoy this precious day we’ve been given. However, we ask that you also take the time to honor the men and women who have given their lives for our freedom.

Show Your Respect

You can pay your respects by flying the American Flag outside your home. It is tradition to fly Old Glory at half-staff until noon on Memorial Day. If your flag pole does not adjust in this way, hang a black mourning ribbon in memoriam.

Photo Credit
Local Memorial Day Events

There are several tributes held throughout Hampton Roads. There’s the Memorial Day Celebration at Victory Arch in Downtown Newport News. This landmark was erected in 1919 to welcome troops home after WWI. As the troops disembarked from their ships, they marched through the arch in victory parades. This year’s ceremony begins at 11am on May 28th. After the celebration, visitors are invited to explore the Virginia War Museum and can save $1 off admission on Memorial Day.

Pay your respects by visiting a veteran cemetery. The Albert G. Horton Jr. Memorial Veterans Cemetery in Suffolk will be honoring the fallen in a ceremony that begins at 10am.

The annual Memorial Day Parade in Portsmouth has been a tradition since 1884. While honoring Portsmouth’s rich military heritage, the parade salutes the service and sacrifices of the men and women of our Armed Forces. The parade starts at 10am. The route runs down High Street from I.C. Norcom High School to Crawford Street.

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Make a Donation

For those of you who’d like to literally pay your respects to our fallen, you can make a donation to a number of organizations that support our living soldiers. Your contribution to the Wounded Warrior Project will aid the recovery of a service member injured in battle. You can help active duty parents maintain contact with their children by donating to United Through Reading, a non-profit organization that helps our troops make video-recorded reading books for their kids while deployed.

However you choose to spend the day, please join all of us at Hatchett Design Remodel as we take the time to honor our fallen and put their memory back into Memorial Day.