Hurricane Readiness 2020

The official start of hurricane season isn’t until June 1st, yet we’ve already had a brush with the first named storm of 2020’s Hurricane Season. Hampton Roads only saw some rain and windy conditions as Arthur pushed out to sea, but he served as a good reminder to be ready. Being prepared before the storm is, of course, important; but knowing what to do AFTER a storm is just as important. If you fall victim to storm damage this season, Hatchett Design Remodel wants you to know what to do next.
Storm Name Graphic Created by KHOU in Houston
If one of this year’s named storms forces you to evacuate, stay tuned to local news channels for updates on when it’s safe to return home.
Upon returning to your home, be very cautious. Plan to return during daylight hours to reduce risk. If you encounter downed power lines, do not drive over them. Do not drive through water, especially if there are downed power lines present. Even if there are no power lines, there is a high likelihood of hazardous debris or sink holes that you can’t see.
Avoid walking through flood waters without protective clothing, such as hip waders. Flood water is contaminated and may lead to illness or disease. For this reason, do not allow children to play in flood waters.
Do not use matches (or an open flame of any kind) in storm ravaged areas until you are certain that potentially damaged gas lines have been checked and/or repaired. If you smell gas upon entering your home, turn off the main if possible, open the windows and leave the building. Then report it to your gas company.
If your home floods, do not turn the power back on. Severely damaged homes are not structurally sound. Use extreme caution when inspecting your property.
Fallen trees may have brought power lines down with them. If such a tree has fallen on your home, do not enter the house until work crews remove the power lines.
The Atkinsons replaced their damaged deck with a covered outdoor living space
Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Once you receive the claim forms from your insurer, fill them out and submit them immediately. While you wait for the forms, prepare a list of all damage and document it with photos or video. Better yet, keep damaged items until the claims adjuster visits your home.
If your home in uninhabitable, keep records and receipts of all emergency living accommodations.  Most insurance policies cover these expenses.
During clean up, be sure to wear protective clothing, like goggles, boots, heavy duty work gloves, and hard hats, if possible. Manage tasks so not to overexert yourself during this process. This will be a very trying time, both emotionally and physically. Be sure to pace yourself and get regular rest.
When you’re ready to rebuild, work with your contractor to design and build a storm-resistant structure.
The Witheringtons had to rebuild their sunroom after Hurricane Irene
All of us at Hatchett Design Remodel sincerely hope you never need this information, but know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Most importantly, keep yourself and your family safe!

Meet Our People: Allison

We are happy to announce our newest team member, Allison. Her professional journey has taken her across the country and around the world, and we’re delighted that she landed here at Hatchett Design Remodel. As our newest designer, Allison prides herself on “recognizing the beauty in all possibilities, exploring the mysterious and transforming treasures into masterpieces.”

Allison’s Background

Allison spent 13 years in the wine industry with Moonrise Bay Vineyards. She then finished her BFA in Interior Design in 3 years with Magna cum Laude. From there, she explored her passion for Design and Architecture on a national and international level. Practicing high-end residential design in Washington, DC and Virginia since 2010, she has also embarked on new expeditions to other countries. She’s more than just a frequent flyer to Europe and Southeast Asia. Allison lived in Singapore for 3 years designing luxury residential interiors on a global level. Equipped with a worldly personality and a versatile design skill-set, she can blend a world of harmony and culture into a space, adding unique elements to her designs.

Allison in Melbourne, Australia

World Traveler, Multi-Media Artist, Environmentalist, Survivor, and Connoisseur of fine things in life, Allison brings another color to Hatchett’s spectrum. To help you get to know her better, we asked her a few questions.

In Allison’s Words

Why did you choose to work at Hatchett?
I sought my career path through Hatchett Design Remodel as my morals and values significantly aligned with theirs. Being at work feels like home base to me.

So far, what do you enjoy the most about your new job?
It’s a tie between building relationships with clients and turning their creative dreams into a reality AND being a part of an incredible team/work family executing each project with diligence and confidence.

What do you love about what you do?
For me, it’s about embracing the splendor of surprises and challenges everyday, discovering the endless possibilities and opening doors to new opportunities. Choosing to see the beauty in the world is how I get to know who I am and allow myself to connect with the world and others.

Allison with her sisters and mother

How do you spend your time away from work?
As a sister to 7 and “Auntie” of 11, much of my time is spent with family. I also enjoy being outdoors, painting large-scale artwork, listening to NPR, and cooking up a storm for my fiancé. He’s a remarkable gentleman (and my best friend) who supports my goals and dreams.

Allison with her fiancé
Welcome Aboard!

Please help us welcome Allison to Hatchett Design Remodel! We’re delighted to have her on our team, and we can’t wait to share her first Hatchett project when it’s done.

Allison Exploring in Cape Hatteras

To get your remodel started, give us a call at our Newport News or Virginia Beach showrooms. We are now offering virtual remodeling consultations for kitchens, bathrooms, additions and sunrooms. It costs nothing to ask!

Reuter Kitchen Remodel

When the Reuter family decided to remodel their home in Williamsburg, they called Hatchett Design Remodel. Like many homeowners looking to remodel, they were generally pleased with the layout of their kitchen.  That said, they also felt it was too dark, showing signs of wear and just needed a refresh.

Reuter Kitchen BEFORE
Light Painted Cabinets

The Reuters’ kitchen is in the center of their first floor, so the only natural light in that space is from adjacent rooms.  The open concept of their existing floor plan allows light to enter the kitchen, but the dark stained cabinets soaked up too much of the light.  To brighten the space, Jessica recommended painted cabinets to help bounce the light around their kitchen. The Reuters opted for two-tone cabinets with Gray Mist for the lower cabinets and Dove White for the uppers. A neutral color palette such as this gives homeowners flexibility in choosing and changing their decor. It also provides longevity to the life of your renovation.

Reuter Kitchen AFTER

For contrast against the light cabinetry, the Reuters chose slate pulls from Top Knobs‘ Atlas collection. Then we added a subtle pop of color with light blue glass tiles from Morris Tile in the backsplash by the refrigerator.

Reuter Kitchen AFTER
Countertops & Tile

While most of their new kitchen is indeed “new”, they asked us to salvage one thing – their kitchen island countertop. That request was tricky, but Hatchett’s team is always up for a challenge! In order to keep the countertop of their uniquely shaped island, we had to replicate the size and shape with new cabinetry. This took a little extra creativity, but as you can see, it turned out beautifully.

The hexagon shape of the Soho Eco Ocean 2″ tiles complement their larger counterpart on the opposite wall.  The backsplash behind the range was created from gray Classico 7″x8″ hex tiles from Mosaic Tile.

Reuter Kitchen AFTER
Specialty Storage

The cabinetry is Ultracraft Eurotek frameless cabinets with Cape May doors on the island and Jamestown doors on the surrounding cabinets. The surround cabinets are topped with Silestone Cemento Spa countertops to complement the granite top of the island.

Reuter Kitchen AFTER

To help this busy family of five stay organized, we added matching cabinetry and tops in the pantry and a specialty cabinet next to the refrigerator.  This organizational cabinet now serves as their “home base” for schedules, forms and mail.

Reuter Kitchen AFTER

The Reuters are very pleased with their kitchen remodel, and it was our pleasure to bring it to life.  Well done, team – Meghan (Design Consultant), Jessica (Designer) and Buck (Project Manager).

The Reuter Family

If you’re ready to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or addition, reach out to Hatchett Design Remodel in Newport News or Virginia Beach. We are conducting virtual consultations to keep your home renovations on schedule and to keep progress progressing! Remember, it costs nothing to ask!

Together in Social Distancing

Among the questions with unknown answers, one thing is for certain – there is unity in social distancing. As we comb through social media (because it’s the only socializing that’s safe at this time), we are inundated with new ways to stay connected to each other and ideas to make the most of our time as homebodies. Our team at Hatchett Design Remodel would like to share a few of our favorite quarantine-tastic ideas with you.

Virtual Tourist

We’re partial to beautiful things at Hatchett Design Remodel, and that includes art. A few of the most famous museums in the world are sharing virtual tours of their galleries. This article by Travel + Leisure quickly links you to twelve of them. Each museum offers a unique experience in their galleries and of their collections. It’s a wonderful opportunity to escape while staying safe at home.

360 Virtual Tour – Uffizzi Gallery in Florence, Italy
Learn from the Masters

After admiring the masters, you can create your own art with free lessons from one of the Kennedy Center’s artists-in-residence. Mo Willems is an American writer, artist and creator of children’s books. Each new episode of “Lunch Doodles” is posted on weekdays at 1PM, and they will remain online to stream at your convenience. He fills each half hour session with stories from his career, tips for aspiring artists and writers, step by step instruction of how to draw, and encouragement for each viewer to create a doodle that’s uniquely you. It’s fun for kids and adults alike.

Episodes of Lunch Doodles Now Streaming

Those are great options to feed your inner artist, but let’s not forget about our tummies. If you’re already getting tired of your typical home cooking, log on for one of Massimo Bottura’s “Kitchen Quarantine” cooking shows. This world renowned restaurateur and chef is sharing food inspiration from his home kitchen in Italy as long as he’s on lockdown. You can watch these episodes live on Instagram at 3PM our time.  Be like Batturo and get the whole family involved!

Live Cooking Lessons with Massimo Bottura
Put the Social in “Social Distancing”

While we’re getting lots of quality family time, many of us are missing our friends. We’re very fortunate to have access to today’s technology to keep us connected through this time. We encourage you to reach out to your friends and organize a virtual coffee break or happy hour. Google Meet and Zoom are user-friendly group video chat platforms.

For those of you who opt for a virtual happy hour, we suggest you give this recipe from The Novice Chef a try. The Quarantini is a light, refreshing, immune boosting cocktail that’s super simple to make.

Cheers, Jessica!

Let’s stay together while respecting the need for social distancing at this time. If all this togetherness at home has you thinking about remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or adding square footage, give us a call.  Hatchett Design Remodel, based in Newport News and Virginia Beach, is now conducting virtual consultations to keep you home renovation projects on track!