Muellner Kitchen Remodel

August 10, 2018

Every kitchen remodel is different. While some kitchens only need small fixes, others require a more extensive renovation to bring the space up to date. Mr. and Mrs. Muellner chose Hatchett Design Remodel to transform their dark, cramped kitchen into a bright, open floor plan.
Muellner Kitchen BEFORE
After meeting with our design team, the Muellers gave free creative reign to Ashley to design their new kitchen. They only had 4 requests: white cabinets with “a pop of color”, a pantry, a wine cooler, and a large island that could seat 4 while providing functional storage. Challenge accepted!


Muellner Kitchen AFTER


The Plan
Ashley bellied up to her computer and got to work. The wall between the kitchen and the living room was the first thing to go.


Muellner Kitchen BEFORE/AFTER Floor Plans
She decreased the size of the window over the sink from 48″ to 36″ wide, then she added a matching picture frame window on the left side of the range.


Muellner Kitchen Specs

Ashley then suggested that they replace the 8-foot sliding glass door to their sunroom with a 5-foot French door. This created a few extra feet of functional work space.

Material Selections

Ashley’s design included white shaker cabinets from Ultracraft that extend all the way up to the ceiling. The countertops are Vicostone Misterior Quartz, and the backsplash is Genesi Bianco with mist grout. For that pop of color Mrs. Muellner requested, we used Sherwin Williams’ Grand Canal on their custom painted island.

Since mixed metals are all the rage right now, Ashley combined black lighting fixtures and champagne bronze hardware into the kitchen design.
To complement the golden hues of their hardware, the Muellners decided to splurge a little for a custom range hood by Blue Star. The color they opted for is called Enchanted Sand, and as you can see, it’s stunning!


Kent, the Project Manager, and Ashley, the Designer
The Muellners are thrilled with their new kitchen, and we couldn’t be prouder of our team!  Great job Kevin, Ashley, Kent and our whole crew that made this transformation happen!
Hatchett can make-over your kitchen too! Schedule your in-home consultation today by calling or dropping by our showrooms in Newport News or Virginia Beach. It costs nothing to ask!

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