Hurricane Readiness 2020

The official start of hurricane season isn’t until June 1st, yet we’ve already had a brush with the first named storm of 2020’s Hurricane Season. Hampton Roads only saw some rain and windy conditions as Arthur pushed out to sea, but he served as a good reminder to be ready. Being prepared before the storm is, of course, important; but knowing what to do AFTER a storm is just as important. If you fall victim to storm damage this season, Hatchett Design Remodel wants you to know what to do next.
Storm Name Graphic Created by KHOU in Houston
If one of this year’s named storms forces you to evacuate, stay tuned to local news channels for updates on when it’s safe to return home.
Upon returning to your home, be very cautious. Plan to return during daylight hours to reduce risk. If you encounter downed power lines, do not drive over them. Do not drive through water, especially if there are downed power lines present. Even if there are no power lines, there is a high likelihood of hazardous debris or sink holes that you can’t see.
Avoid walking through flood waters without protective clothing, such as hip waders. Flood water is contaminated and may lead to illness or disease. For this reason, do not allow children to play in flood waters.
Do not use matches (or an open flame of any kind) in storm ravaged areas until you are certain that potentially damaged gas lines have been checked and/or repaired. If you smell gas upon entering your home, turn off the main if possible, open the windows and leave the building. Then report it to your gas company.
If your home floods, do not turn the power back on. Severely damaged homes are not structurally sound. Use extreme caution when inspecting your property.
Fallen trees may have brought power lines down with them. If such a tree has fallen on your home, do not enter the house until work crews remove the power lines.
The Atkinsons replaced their damaged deck with a covered outdoor living space
Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Once you receive the claim forms from your insurer, fill them out and submit them immediately. While you wait for the forms, prepare a list of all damage and document it with photos or video. Better yet, keep damaged items until the claims adjuster visits your home.
If your home in uninhabitable, keep records and receipts of all emergency living accommodations.  Most insurance policies cover these expenses.
During clean up, be sure to wear protective clothing, like goggles, boots, heavy duty work gloves, and hard hats, if possible. Manage tasks so not to overexert yourself during this process. This will be a very trying time, both emotionally and physically. Be sure to pace yourself and get regular rest.
When you’re ready to rebuild, work with your contractor to design and build a storm-resistant structure.
The Witheringtons had to rebuild their sunroom after Hurricane Irene
All of us at Hatchett Design Remodel sincerely hope you never need this information, but know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Most importantly, keep yourself and your family safe!

Together in Social Distancing

Among the questions with unknown answers, one thing is for certain – there is unity in social distancing. As we comb through social media (because it’s the only socializing that’s safe at this time), we are inundated with new ways to stay connected to each other and ideas to make the most of our time as homebodies. Our team at Hatchett Design Remodel would like to share a few of our favorite quarantine-tastic ideas with you.

Virtual Tourist

We’re partial to beautiful things at Hatchett Design Remodel, and that includes art. A few of the most famous museums in the world are sharing virtual tours of their galleries. This article by Travel + Leisure quickly links you to twelve of them. Each museum offers a unique experience in their galleries and of their collections. It’s a wonderful opportunity to escape while staying safe at home.

360 Virtual Tour – Uffizzi Gallery in Florence, Italy
Learn from the Masters

After admiring the masters, you can create your own art with free lessons from one of the Kennedy Center’s artists-in-residence. Mo Willems is an American writer, artist and creator of children’s books. Each new episode of “Lunch Doodles” is posted on weekdays at 1PM, and they will remain online to stream at your convenience. He fills each half hour session with stories from his career, tips for aspiring artists and writers, step by step instruction of how to draw, and encouragement for each viewer to create a doodle that’s uniquely you. It’s fun for kids and adults alike.

Episodes of Lunch Doodles Now Streaming

Those are great options to feed your inner artist, but let’s not forget about our tummies. If you’re already getting tired of your typical home cooking, log on for one of Massimo Bottura’s “Kitchen Quarantine” cooking shows. This world renowned restaurateur and chef is sharing food inspiration from his home kitchen in Italy as long as he’s on lockdown. You can watch these episodes live on Instagram at 3PM our time.  Be like Batturo and get the whole family involved!

Live Cooking Lessons with Massimo Bottura
Put the Social in “Social Distancing”

While we’re getting lots of quality family time, many of us are missing our friends. We’re very fortunate to have access to today’s technology to keep us connected through this time. We encourage you to reach out to your friends and organize a virtual coffee break or happy hour. Google Meet and Zoom are user-friendly group video chat platforms.

For those of you who opt for a virtual happy hour, we suggest you give this recipe from The Novice Chef a try. The Quarantini is a light, refreshing, immune boosting cocktail that’s super simple to make.

Cheers, Jessica!

Let’s stay together while respecting the need for social distancing at this time. If all this togetherness at home has you thinking about remodeling your kitchen, bathroom or adding square footage, give us a call.  Hatchett Design Remodel, based in Newport News and Virginia Beach, is now conducting virtual consultations to keep you home renovation projects on track!

Get Your Home Winter Ready

It seems we’re not going to get much of a Fall here in Hampton Roads. Mother Nature is moving swiftly from summer temps to winter weather. The Farmers’ Almanac is calling for a Polar Coaster Winter this year, which means frigid temperatures and above average snow, sleet and rain are expected. To ensure your home’s ready for what’s to come, Hatchett Design Remodel recommends winterizing now before it gets colder.

Clear Yard Debris Close to House

Whether you’re close to the coast in Virginia Beach or more inland in Newport News or Williamsburg, we all need to prepare. Clean up debris around the exterior of your house, such as leaves and overgrown shrubs. You want at least a foot of clearance between your home and your landscaping. You’ll also want to cut back any limbs that are touching or hanging too close to the walls, windows or roof.

Home Winterizing Clear Debris Close to House
Repair Cracked Caulk & Peeling Paint

Check for cracked caulk and peeling paint. The smallest exposure to water can lead to significant wood rot.  The first step is to scrape away the loose paint and old caulk. Then apply new caulk around your windows and doors and seal wood surfaces with a couple fresh coats of paint. It’s best to do this when temperatures are 55 degrees or warmer, so your materials dry properly.

Home Winterizing Repair Cracked Caulk and Peeling Paint to Prevent Wood Rot
Prepare Plumbing for Extreme Cold

Turn off and drain hose bibbs, and disconnect and drain hoses.  If you have any exterior plumbing that’s exposed, we’d recommend insulating your pipes.  Wouldn’t hurt to also insulate the pipes that are exposed in your basement or crawl space. When severe cold temperatures hit, opening bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors and dripping faucets will also help keep your pipes from bursting.

Home Winterizing Turn Off and Drain Outdoor Spigot and Hoses
Clean Gutters

Clean your gutters. Leaves and debris will trap water and freeze. This could cause your gutters and downspouts to split or even break away from your house.

Chimney & Gas Log Inspections

Have a chimney sweep inspect your fireplace, and have a certified technician service your gas logs. In case of a power outage, your fireplace may be your sole source of heat until electrical lines are restored.

Home Winterizing Fireplace Chimney Sweep and Gas Log Inspection

When you’re done winterizing, stock up on hot cocoa and hunker down with your family for the cuddliest time of year.

At Hatchett Design Remodel, we pride ourselves on helping you take care of your most prized investment – your home. These tips will help protect it from winter elements; and when you’re ready to renovate, we can help with that too. To talk to us about building an addition or remodeling your kitchen or bathrooms, reach out to our design team at our showrooms in Newport News or Virginia Beach.  It costs nothing to ask!

Free Remodeling Seminars in October

Every remodeling project is unique, but there is one thing they all have in common… questions from homeowners! With over 50 years experience remodeling thousands of kitchens, bathrooms and additions, Hatchett Design Remodel knows what homeowners want to know.
According to Don Hatchett, “one of the biggest hurdles for homeowners is knowing where to start on their remodeling project.” The unknown can be very daunting. How do I pick a contractor? How long will it take? Can I live in my house during renovations? How much will it cost? Can I finance my remodel? What’s the first step?
Kitchen Remodel Before and After
Muellner Kitchen BEFORE & AFTER
Seminar Dates
Don’t let these questions bog you down and leave your project in a stalemate. Hatchett is hosting two free seminars in October that will address the most common questions and ease your concerns. One will be held in our Newport News showroom starting at 6pm on Thursday, October 17. The next will be the following week at our Virginia Beach showroom at 6pm on the 24th. Both seminars will be hosted by Meghan Hatchett and one of our talented designers, Jessica.
Free Remodeling Seminar at Hatchett Showroom in Virginia Beach
What to Expect
While we have planned these events around our clients’ frequently asked questions, we want to make sure your specific concerns are addressed as well. Jessica will kick off the event with hot topics such as this year’s most popular colors and top design trends. Then Meghan will walk attendees through Hatchett’s Design Process. Our process is one we have refined over the years to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs and stress.
Bathroom Remodel Before and After
Callahan Hall Bath BEFORE & AFTER
Jessica will also demonstrate how our designers use technology in the design phase of our process. These photo-real renderings allow our clients to see exactly what their remodeled space will look like before any of the materials are ordered.
Bathroom Remodel Photo-Real Renderings
Prater Bathroom PHOTO REAL RENDERING (Left) & AFTER (Right)
After our informal presentation, we will open the floor to a Q&A session. Don Hatchett encourages all attendees to participate in this open discussion, because “it’s a great, pressure-free way to gain knowledge about the remodeling process.” Jessica added, “we hope people gain a better understanding of how the remodeling process works and what to expect whenever they’re ready to remodel.” While HGTV has brought remodeling into the spotlight, Hatchett’s seminars will provide more detailed, realistic information that will better prepare you for your future renovation endeavors.
Kitchen Remodel Before and After
Perrie Kitchen BEFORE & AFTER
How to Register
Space is limited, so please register by October 14th for the seminar in Newport News on the 17th. The registration deadline for the seminar in Virginia Beach on the 24th is October 21s. To register, simply email Meghan Hatchett at Be sure to let her know which seminar you would like to attend and who will be in attendance.
Since many folks will likely be coming straight from work, we will have cheese and crackers for hors d’oeuvres… and wine, of course. Non-alcoholic alternatives will also be provided.
If you need more information before the seminar, feel free to call Hatchett Design Remodel or stop by our showrooms in Newport News and Virginia Beach. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have… it costs nothing to ask!
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