The Evolution of Kitchen Design

As times change, many things remain the same.  Elements of our past can be found in our present, and the only thing that makes them different is how we choose to use them.  A recent post on takes a look back at popular kitchen designs between the Atomic Age and the Disco Era.  Most will find this walk down memory lane is amusing, but Hatchett Design Remodel can’t help but notice that elements of those designs live on today.
Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets
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The choices in color, hardware and cabinet facings have changed, but the concept is still popular.  Different colored upper and lower cabinets is a trend that stands the test of time.  In this example below, you can see how a retro refrigerator adds to the vintage charm of this two-toned kitchen.
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Monochromatic Kitchens
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For some, this monochromatic design may be conjuring up memories of Sally Field’s line in Steel Magnolias.  It “looks like it was hosed down with Pepto Bismol.”  Our designers do not condone mimicking this color choice, but a monochromatic design in a soothing color such as green can be quite lovely.  You may notice that the glass front doors along the upper cabinets break up the green in this design.  The earthy elements of copper, slate and wood keep this look grounded.
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Graphic Flooring
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Hatchett is in full support of a bold graphic floor, but we’d argue that less is more.  The floor in the image above is quite striking.  It could be found in a modern day design had the pattern not continued up the wall.  By limiting a bold graphic design to a single focal point on either the floor OR the wall, you create visual interest without overwhelming the eye.
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We love talking about kitchen designs of all kinds!  If you’d like to talk to us about your kitchen, feel free to reach out to our team in our Newport News or Virginia Beach showrooms – it costs nothing to ask.


Purington Kitchen Remodel

There’s more to renovating a kitchen than merely bringing it up to date. When Hatchett Design Remodel looks at a kitchen, the footprint of the space is the first item we consider.  There are 6 basic kitchen floor plans: one-wall, galley, L-shaped, U-shaped, G-shaped, and open. Our designers will evaluate the functionality of your kitchen footprint and determine whether (or not) it should be changed.  Let’s take the Purington’s recent remodel for example.
Purington Kitchen BEFORE
Their existing 70s style kitchen was essentially a galley kitchen with an island in the middle. Galley kitchens are traditionally too narrow to accommodate an island, but the Purington’s kitchen is wider than most. While many homeowners prefer to have an island in the center of the space, we determined that it was a hindrance in this case.
After the initial consultation with the Puringtons, our designer, Ashley, got to work creating a design that would improve the flow of the their kitchen while still providing ample storage and work space. VOILA!
Purington Kitchen AFTER
By adding an L-shaped peninsula to the outside wall of cabinets and moving the stove top to the interior wall, Ashley created an open area for freer movement when cooking while simultaneously creating a better work space for food prep.
Purington Kitchen AFTER
The new cabinets reach all the way up to the ceiling to maximize storage capacity.  The higher shelves at the top of the cabinets are ideal for those rarely used dishes, and the drawer stacks provide easy access your everyday items.
Our design team worked hand-in-hand with Mrs. Purington to create a modern day kitchen that’s as functional as it is beautiful, and we can do the same for you!  Feel free to reach out to our team in our Newport News or Virginia Beach showrooms – it costs nothing to ask.

Lee Kitchen Remodel

With three generations of the Lees living in their family home, space is at a premium.  So they called Hatchett Design Remodel to design and build a large, spacious kitchen that better suits their daily needs.

First, we removed the wall separating the kitchen from their rarely used dining area. This added a lot of square footage to the kitchen, and it allowed us to incorporate a large island as well as a dishwasher into the new design.

Before (Left) and After (Right) – The photographer is standing in the same spot in both pictures!
The island and the cabinets that extend up to the ceiling provide a great deal of added storage space.
This design also includes a desk for working and wine racks for happy hour!
The Lees are the first to select these beautiful gray stained cabinets with shaker doors.  This Coastal Gray stain on maple wood is a new offering from the Ultracraft Frameless Cabinetry line.

The cabinets are topped with Fantasy Brown Granite. The stainless steel appliances and the Kohler single bowl stainless steel farm sink complement the tops. We painted the walls with a soft blue Sherwin Williams color called Rainwashed, and we covered the floors with Mannington‘s Adura Max Seaport Surf planks.

What’s your favorite part of this design? When we asked the designer, Ashley, she responded, “As a designer, my favorite part of planning a remodeling project with our clients is learning where their biggest needs for help are, helping plan a space that perfectly fits all their needs, and then seeing our team deliver a stunningly beautiful and more functional space.”

Making our clients happy is what we do!  Our designers welcome the opportunity to create a space we know you’ll love for its beauty and its functionality!  Feel free to reach out to our team in our Newport News or Virginia Beach showrooms – it costs nothing to ask.

Prater Kitchen Remodel

We first met Mr. & Mrs. Prater when we remodeled their bathroom two years ago. Based on that experience and after seeing pictures of other kitchens remodeled by Hatchett, the Praters chose us again to do their kitchen.

Raytrace Rendering of the Prater’s Kitchen Design

The Praters are pretty handy and enjoy being involved in the process.  Before our initial consultation, they had already purchased the flooring material, so we used it as our inspiration for rest of the design.

Praters’ Kitchen BEFORE

They’re old kitchen was cramped and dark, so our main goals were to brighten it up, open it up and create more storage!  While we changed the layout of the kitchen, the footprint did not change. This means that plumbing did not need to be relocated and electrical work was minimal.

By merely removing the “L” shaped island, we created space to install a large island in the center of the room. This new island provides a sizable space for food prep, seating and additional storage.

Praters’ Kitchen AFTER

In order to maximize the storage capacity of the Prater’s new kitchen, we removed the soffit and installed taller wall cabinets.

The taller wall cabinets also make the space look bigger by pulling the eye all the way up to the ceiling.  Using white paint on the cabinets and the walls contributes to the illusion of more square footage as well.We are very pleased with how this project turned out but don’t just take it from us. Here’s what the Praters have to say about their kitchen remodeling experience with Hatchett.

What made you decide to remodel your kitchen?

Our kitchen was 28 years old, and the floor and cabinets were in bad shape.  When we purchased our home we could only afford builder grade options.  So when I saw the Hatchett Blog on the Perry’s kitchen I knew we needed to go back to our favorite team.

What was the best part of the design / remodeling process?
The best part of the remodeling process was actually working with the Hatchett team [Michael, Jessica, Ken and Tommy].  Our designer could almost read our minds. The execution team was the best.  When we came back I begged for the same team, because I trust them implicitly. 
What was the most challenging part of the process?

We also were replacing our wood fireplace with a gas fireplace via a different company.  Hatchett took care of all the coordinating for us. The amount of time it took is a challenge for your patience.  Hatchett does a great job of pulling in timelines as best they can.

What was your favorite part of working with Hatchett?

Working with the team. I can’t say enough about the team. Also, the ease of payments and the reliability of the estimates, they are right on target each time. 

What is one thing you do NOT miss about your old kitchen?

The lack of space, both in cabinets and the ability to have more people in the room without being on top of each other.

What is your favorite part of your new kitchen?

I am so in love with my counter tops and the new farm sink.

When you’re ready to fall in love with a new kitchen, reach out to our team in our Newport News or Virginia Beach showrooms – it costs nothing to ask.