Meet Our Interns: Savanna

Every summer, Hatchett Design Remodel hires interns to help us with our summer projects.  It’s an opportunity for students to get some practical hands-on experience, and it also keeps us on our toes!  Working with these bright up and comers gives our team a fresh perspective in the ever-evolving world of remodeling.
We are delighted to have Savanna return for her 2nd Design Internship at Hatchett. Currently a student at Virginia Tech, Savanna is studying Kitchen and Bath Design in the School of Architecture and Design.
In case you have the pleasure of meeting Savanna at Hatchett this summer, here’s a little information to help you get to know her better.
What are your daily duties at Hatchett?
I get to be a part of so much! I shadow two different designers and get to observe everything they do, help out with design packages, draw preliminary floor plans, give tours of the new showroom, and organize samples or anything else that needs some lovin’. It’s the greatest job out there!
How does your internship prepare you for your long-term career goals?
This experience with Hatchett will give me great insight into what my future career will hold. I get to go to construction sites, watch buildings be remodeled and transformed from start to finish, watch the design process unfold, and be a part of client meetings in which we discuss what their project will entail.
If you were a new crayon in the crayon box, what color would you be and why?
I would go with the color “buttermilk,” because of my love for chicken baskets.
Savanna’s color of choice looks pretty delicious on these kitchen cabinets!
Buttermilk Kitchen Cabinets. Photo Credit Bloglovin_ via Pinterest.
You walk out the door on your last day of your internship, find a lottery ticket and win $10 million dollars… what would you do?
I would first pay off student debts for the sake of my parents, and then I’d donate some to special needs organizations. Next, I would obviously look into getting a share of Hatchett. Any left over money would go to my diet of chicken baskets. 
What are you binge watching this summer?
Parks and Rec is my go-to show! The ironic part is that the employee dynamic reminds me a lot of Hatchett’s employees. They are fun to work with and always keep me entertained. 
If you could sing one song on American Idol, what would it be?
I am not much of a singer, but probably Jimmy Fallon’s hit single “Ew.”  It’s catchy and hard not to sing along to!
Dogs or Cats?
Dogs all day. Cats are not meant to be tame and I am allergic.

That’s Savanna!  We hope you get a chance to meet her this summer when we’re designing your new kitchenbathroom or addition.
Call Hatchett Design Remodel or come see us at your showrooms in Newport News and Virginia Beach.
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