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Meet Our Interns: Parker

Last but not least, Hatchett Design Remodel would like to introduce Parker, one of three interns working with us this summer.  Parker comes to us by way of Blacksburg where he’s working toward his Construction Engineering & Management degree at Virginia Tech.

This is Parker’s first time interning at Hatchett, and we hope that working with our team will give him some practical experience he can apply to the lessons he’s learned in the classroom.

If you haven’t already met Parker on-site, here’s your chance to get to know him a little.

What are your daily duties of your internship at Hatchett?

I work with Ken Smith, our production manager, helping him with co-construct related tasks and work a lot in the field learning how to navigate the world of carpentry while putting in solid work.

How does your internship prepare you for your long-term career goals?

It builds my experience and social skills.  This internship gives me a feel for real life problems that can be hard to identify & solve in a higher position if you haven’t dealt with them first hand on the job.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?

White, because I feel like I’m a unique color that has the ability to brighten up all the rest.

He makes a good point. White definitely brightens up a space while showcasing other colors – like this Hatchett green, for example (wink, wink).

Photo Credit_ Pinterest saved from Style Me Pretty

Imagine that you walk out the door on the last day of your internship, find a lottery ticket and win $10 million dollars… what would you do?

First thing, I’d buy some bitcoins. Then I’d drop out of college, call Mr. Hatchett and say, “Hey, let’s open up a design center on the Outer Banks! I’ve got the funds.” There’s some really high end stuff in Corolla, as well as a strong population density from milepost one on into Manteo. 

What are you binge watching this summer?

I’m just casually watching the newest season of “House of Cards”.

Parker at McAfee’s Knob with his dad

If you could sing one song on American Idol, what would it be?

“What I Got” by Sublime

Dogs or Cats?


That’s Parker!  We hope you get a chance to meet him this summer when we’re building your new kitchenbathroom or addition.

Call Hatchett Design Remodel or come see us at our showrooms in Newport News and Virginia Beach.

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