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Make the Most of Your Space

A sure fire way to add value to your home is to add square footage, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to build an addition. Look at the current layout of your home and determine if there’s wasted or underutilized space.  A common place to find such space is under your stairs.
If you live in an older home, your first floor may be lacking a bathroom. Under the stairs is a great place to add a half bath near the communal area of your home. Building a half bath increases the monetary value of a house, and it also provides a great deal of convenience and functionality for your family and your guests.  Plus, it’s fun to decorate!
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If you already have a half bath on the ground floor, then consider converting that space beneath your stairs to a wet bar that you and your guests will enjoy.
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Do you do a lot of work from home, but don’t have a spare room to use as an office?  Then make that space under the stairs work for you, and add a built-in desk to your floor plan.
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To encourage more play and less work at home, Hatchett can turn that nook into a playhouse for your kids.  They’ll love having their own private hide-away, and so will you!  It’s the perfect place to toss their toys when company comes over.
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If you think your kids are spoiled enough, then treat your dog to his very own den – because, you can never spoil the dog too much!
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If the thing you need the most is MORE STORAGE, then we can convert the space beneath your stairs to a walk-in closet, a pull-out closet, an open closet (aka a mudroom) or even a beautiful drawer stack like this one.
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For more ideas on how to make the most of your space, talk to our team at Hatchett Design Remodel. Just reach out to our designers at our Newport News or Virginia Beach showrooms. It costs nothing to ask!
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