Spring Cleaning Hacks

To make your kitchen sparkle like a newly remodeled one, check out these Spring Cleaning Hacks from the designers at Hatchett Design Remodel. If you open your kitchen window to get a whiff of some fresh Spring air, but instead, you get a nose full of icky garbage disposal, we’ve got a quick fix. Just […]

Bright Ideas for a Sunroom

At the beginning of the year, we talked about the growing trend for privacy. While open concepts are still popular for kitchen design, many homeowners are now looking for ways to create a separate space in the home that offers a get-away from the main living area.  In that blog, the designers at Hatchett Design […]

The Cook Kitchen Remodel

The Cooks’ decision to stay in their Virginia Beach home was contingent on finding a remodeling firm to do a full home make-over. We first introduced you to the Cooks when we shared the results of their outdoor living project, but that is not the only space we remodeled for them. Hatchett Design Remodel also renovated […]

Clever Kitchen Ideas

The designers at Hatchett Design Remodel pride themselves on creating spaces that are as beautiful as they are functional.  So while our designs are stylish and pleasing, they are also user-friendly and efficient.  Here are some clever ideas that bring personality and functionality to your remodeled kitchen. To add extra character to your custom cabinets, consider incorporating […]

St. Patrick’s Day

The only thing more fun than cooking in your newly remodeled kitchen is hosting a party in it!  So whether you’re having a low key family gathering or a full blown shamrock shindig, Hatchett Design Remodel has compiled a few festive recipes to make your St. Patrick’s Day magically delicious. How do you make a burger better? […]