Our work environment, culture and who we are looking for:

•If you have the desire to do more, experience new things, expand your abilities, and develop a rewarding career, you can do it all here in a professional, business-casual atmosphere.
•We offer careers with every level of responsibility, accountability, and visibility. You’ll have the chance to meet, work, and share your ideas with talented people from all aspects of our business.
•We are looking for hard-working, detail oriented, and creative people to help our team continue to grow.

Management Training Program

•We provide the knowledge and experience to help all of our associates reach their fullest potential. With hands on experience in the field, associates will able to get a taste of all aspects of our business. At Hatchett we strive to develop effective leaders by fueling our associates with the tools for success. 
•Since the training program offers a lot of initial hands-on training, it will help trainees understand their career interests. There are several different career paths you can take at Hatchett.


•We offer internships starting at the collegiate level, and we are looking for career oriented individuals that want to balance their studies with real world experience. Interns will start in the field for the first two summers with an opportunity to work in the office to help estimate, design and schedule jobs.